Monday, April 16, 2012

Training 4/16-4/22

4/16- AM. 1 Mile test indoors on my way to work. Finished in 6:48 at near tempo effort. I took a 4/9 cal-mag ratio yesterday, which was clearly too much magnesium. Today, I bumped it up to 5/9 and it was still too much magnesium. I'm going to try 5/7 tomorrow then hope to eventually stabilize at 5/5. I'm not up for anything hard tonight but a basic 5-7 easy will do.

PM- Easy 6 in an even 45:00 (7:30 pace). Even pace and actually had some power in my legs. Aerobically? Not so good today. Hit my norm as far as pace but this is no cause for excitement. I'm sure that I would have been under par in a race, tempo or time trial. Still a bit too much magnesium but 5:9 felt a lot better than 4:9. Let's see what happens on 5:7. I'm afraid that if I try 1:1 right now, it will overshoot the balance point. Still hopeful of stabilization. For an easy workout, 6@7:30 in relative comfort is a pretty solid day.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=7.5

4/17- 7 miles in 48:54 (6:59 pace). Moderate effort. Never uncomfortable. Hit 6 at 42:38 then turned up the heat for a 6:16 in Mile 7. That's in between 5K-10K race pace. Went down to a 5:7 ratio as planned. The only ill-effect was a little diarrhea, which is common with a magnesium excess. I will try 5:5 tomorrow and then will try to stay there. To clarify, a 5:7 ratio means 500 mg. calcium/700 magnesium, not 5 pills/7 pills. Excellent workout.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=7.5

4/18- PHENOMENAL! Trak Shak 8 in 53:57 (6:45 pace). That's my current half mary pace. Took a 1:1 ratio and it worked to near perfection. Only irritation was a little diarrhea. Slight fade in the 2nd half but that's because I pushed too hard on the early hills. Tried to run with Dewayne early. 1st half: 26:32, 2nd half 27:25. Course PR by :53.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance=8.5

4/19- I wanted to do a Mile time trial today but my legs were just too sore and I should not have been surprised. Felt good during the day and would have been fine in a basic 5-6 miler. I decided to bag it after an 83 1st quarter and turned it into a quality workout. 6x200 HARD with a 200 jog R. The Soleus data was full after the first interval (32) and I believe that the last 5 were similar. I really focused on quick leg turnover esp in the last 100 of each interval. This type of workout will really pay dividends in the Mile and 400 and possibly the 5K. From now on, I want to do either a time trial or a sprint workout like this every week until the end of the summer. I'll have to sacrifice miles but with no marathons on the radar for 2 years and my half goal accomplished, so what? Grading is primarily by feel today and it's slightly better than average but not significantly.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=3.0

4/20- Planned rest day. Dinner with my parents.

4/21- Decent long run.  Trak Shak 8-5 plus an extension.  Finished at 14 in 1:45:25 (7:32 pace).  Could have pushed for a sub-7:30 but this time, I was smarter about the pace.  Fairly even pace (52:23/53:02) with only 2 miles over 7:40.  I was hurting on the hills today and just didn't feel all that great.  I was not fresh despite a rest day yesterday.  My magnesium may be a bit low again.  I will try 5:6 tomorrow and see how it feels.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=14.0

4/22-  Took 5:6 ratio instead of 5:5 and it clearly made a difference.  I HATE being this sensitive and it leads me to believe that there may be another issue under the surface.  Today's run was a fast finish easy 6 plus a cool down.  Time was 43:46 (7:18 pace) with the last 200 in about 44 seconds.  Very even splits.  I believe Miles 1-5 were all 7:17-7:21.  Felt very strong.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.5

Weekly summary:
  Finished way over 3.0 which breaks a 2 week losing streak. This is a testament to how well in tune I am with my body to do so well in spite of having to make constant adjustments.  Once again, I HATE being so sensitive but as long as I stabilize at 5:6, I can live with that.  If it's 5:6 one day then 5:3 or 5:9 the next with seemingly no explanation like last summer, it would break my will.  I cannot live happily like that under any circumstances.  Prayer is needed.
Distance=47.0/ GPA= 31.3/9= 3.48

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