Monday, May 21, 2012

Training 5/21-5/27

5/21- AM.  Woke up without an alarm at 6 AM full of energy and ready to roll.  I used that extra hour for an unplanned workout.  Easy 5 miler indoors before work in 36:44 (7:21 pace) and it was a breeze.  It's official.  I am red hot.  Time to get that Mile goal ASAP before the next slump.  My only concern is that I'm still having some digestive issues.  That's got to be solved before my next race.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=5.0

PM- A new Trak Shak route.  Not sure of the exact distance because the GPS signal cut off in Mile 5.  It was between 7.5-7.6 and I finished with a time of 53:58 (7:10-7:15 pace).  This was a hilly route too.  When the terrain was level, I could handle a 7:0x pace and felt perfectly comfortable.  Incredible energy and it is all natural.  Added a lap around Soho for a cool.  Red hot!
Grade:A+/1 credit/distance=8.0

5/22- Johnny's workout was a challenge today.  I felt good during the day but when the workout started, I wasn't feeling fresh.  Wonder why?  I still did pretty well today.  Workout was 8x400 followed by an 800 to finish and the R periods were less generous this time.  The "A" goal was 75s and a 2:45 finish and I fell just short.  Times were as follows: (78*-76-75-74) (74-75-75-75) then I could only muster a 2:49 on the finish. *Almost no warm up prior to the start.  Unless I'm working out of the office, it's hard to get there on time.  That's why I don't run this workout every week.  One curious detail is that I had trouble getting out fast but held the pace well.  Almost every lap was 37/38.  I suppose that's good for Mile preparation but in a sprint workout today, I would have struggled in 200s and 100s.  Solid performance overall.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=5.0

5/23- Trak Shak 8 in 58:44 (7:22 pace).  The beat goes on.  Effort was easy most of the way.  I did kick it in at the end and threw in a couple of too fast miles early.  1st half: 29:15, 2nd half: 29:29. The miles with flat terrain were in the upper 7:20s, which is just about the norm.  Felt good.  Sure, these workouts are hard but when I'm balanced, I can handle it.  Tried on some Karhu Fluid shoes on a cool down.  Decent pair but I'll likely stick with what I've got.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=8.5

5/24-AM- Not a surprise.  The strain of this week has caught up with me today.  Woke up very sore, esp in the IT band.  Got through an easy 4 indoors in a time of 30:32 (7:38 pace).  Marathoners will run through the fatigue while slowing their paces.  I will back off and come back fresh and fast. 
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=4.0

5/25-Planned rest day.  Drive home to see my parents.

5/26- Jefferson Trail run.  All paved route that is slightly sloped.  1st half is down, 2nd half is up.  Finished 10 miles in 74:42 (7:28 pace).  Faded near the end.  1st half was 36:38, 2nd half was 38:04.  I think the heat and poor hydration had as much to do with that as the slight incline.  Temp was in the upper 70s and sunny when I finished.  Solid performance overall.  The next 2 days will be difficult to avoid beer and I will likely cheat a little.  No races for 3 weeks.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=10.0

5/27- Rather mediocre effort.  Easy 4 in 31 flat (7:45 pace).  Tired and beat up.  I've put myself through quite a bit this week with the travel and not so good diet.  2 mixed drinks last night.  Oh well, this was not intended to be a hard day anyway.  1/2 mile cool for a solid weekly total.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=4.5

Weekly summary:
Another winning week overall.  I'm pleased with how I performed despite the not so good ending to the week.  Not a good week diet wise though but it's hard to stay on track on a holiday weekend esp when traveling.  I had 1 green tea, 1/2 a can of Rockstar recovery (no sugar but 80 mg caffeine), 2 mixed drinks, 1 beer plus some garbage meals while on the road. Not good.  I've learned through the Livestrong website that sugar, caffeine and alcohol all deplete magnesium and throw off the Cal/Mag balance.  Only by staying VERY strict can I hope to be consistent with my training and reach my potential.
Distance=45.0/ GPA= 30.5/9= 3.39  

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