Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 halftime stats

With the year half over now, it's time to reflect on where I am and what I have accomplished so far and what I'd like to do from July-December.

Here are the stats thus far compared with my history:
2009: 1,993 miles, 2.95 GPA- clean sweep of PRs from 400-marathon
2010: 1,664 miles, 2.56 GPA- PRs in the Mile, 10K and marathon
2011: 2,092 miles, 3.04 GPA- PRs in the Mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon.
1st half of 2012 :1,018 miles completed.  Average weekly GPA stands at 3.12
 PRs in the Mile, 5K, 10K (unofficial), Half and Full with no serious attempt at the 400 yet.

I consider a good year to be 2,000 miles with a 3.0 GPA so I am on schedule for that though the mileage is not crucial for the type of short-term goals that I have especially in the Mile and 400.  Most of the time, the GPA is skewed by 3 or 4 really bad weeks and this year is no exception.  For example, if I miss a workout due to injury or illness, it's an automatic "F."  Also, if I wuss out and don't train at least 5 days on a non-taper/travel week, there are penalties but those times are rare.  The reason 2010 was so low is that I missed about 2 months with injuries.

A terrific 1st quarter with 4 PRs and GPAs above 3.5 in 4 out of my first 6 weeks.  Since then, I've had only one such week and that was at the end of March.  The blame lies with my increasingly unstable Ca/Mg imbalance, which I may have solved by tightening the restrictions on sugars to essentially none allowed and have made yet another quit attempt on the pills.  How long will this one last?  I don't know but I've got to have some faith.

Races ahead:
July 4th- Peavine Falls run (8.2 trail) as redemption of the nightmare last year.
After that, it's pretty open.  I'm actually as concerned about fitting in Mile or 400 time trials every other week until I hit the goals of 5:15 and 59.9.  Much of my summer racing will depend on the weather.  If it's so hot and humid that I won't enjoy the event, I'll back out.   Come September, things get interesting. I hope to get the mileage back up to near 50 but  I want to race another 5K and 10K this Fall as well as 2 half marathons but no full.  I'll decide on Denver (9/22) by the end of next month but if my body chemistry is stable, I'm in.
The second one is between Indy and Detroit and will be done with my buddy Nick.  The chosen race will be determined by his schedule and I'm good with either one.

I have achieved my lifetime goal in the half and tied the 5K and I am oh so close to to the rest of them.  With the exception of the marathon, I am within 5 seconds per mile at everything and when you're that close, it can happen any day under the exact right conditions.  Still, that said, it is pretty obvious to me that I am a lot more talented that my times indicate given what I have been able to achieve in spite of the imbalances.  I really believe that I am capable of a 5:00 mile, 18:30 5K, sub-39 10K, sub-1:26 half and sub 3:10 marathon if I am balanced.  Sure, I trained hard over the winter but yes, it is sustainable over the long haul if I'm not held back by imbalances.  If I achieve those lofty standards, it would be great and would inspire a lot of people but they are not official goals. Anything beyond the stated lifetime standards is a bonus.

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