Monday, September 10, 2012

Fructosin product review

EDIT:  This is quickly becoming a popular post so I need to add to it.  Does Fructosin work?  Hell yeah, it works!  Just compare my training from August-early September with October.  It's almost like night and day.  Still, a word of warning.  It is NOT a substitute for a healthy diet.  It is still strongly advisable to limit sugar consumption but you'll be fine eating fruits and breads.  Digestion is also much improved.  I will be VERY interested to see what impact it will have on my medical report, specifically my blood sugar ratio, which is inter-related to adrenal function.  The only negatives are that it must be ordered online (takes about 2 weeks to ship) and the cost is considerable (about $45 for a month supply).  I sure hope that it will soon be available OTC in the U.S.  I strongly endorse this product.
  About 12 months ago, after an extremely unstable summer in which I seemed to alternate from fatigue to overstimulation almost day to day, I made the decision to quit drinking sugared drinks and reduce my already low alcohol consumption.  I allowed myself to cheat maybe once a week but overall, I was much cleaner in this aspect of my diet.  My diligence was rewarded with a strong fall racing season in which I scored 2 half marathon PRs.  Things got even better after New Years 2012 when I was freed from dependence on a thyroid/adrenal supplement called Thym-Adren.  By the middle of the year, I had stopped taking Paramin for blood sugar as well.  The 1st quarter of 2012 was the best stretch of running health that I have ever had. 

Here are my race results:
10 K trial- 40:14 PR
3M half- 1:28:12 PR (by nearly 3 minutes)
Mercedes full: 3:21:56 PR (by nearly 14 minutes)
Rumpshaker 5K: 19:13 PR
After that point at the end of March, I've experienced more downs than ups as my sugar intolerance has gotten worse, not better as I've gotten off the pills.  Calling it "freed from the pills" is not an accurate assessment.  I was forced off them.  One day, they worked just like they should have but gradually, the magic number of pills decreased until I felt best on nothing and lousy after taking even 1 pill.  That is very unusual and it made me feel uneasy but I resolved to keep my trust in the Lord.
Soon it was not just soda, beer and energy drinks that produced negative reactions.  Even supposedly healthy fruit drinks and Chia bars with "no sugar added" caused my body to stiffen up and perform very poorly in workouts, some of which had to be interrupted by unplanned bathroom visits.  The same thing happened with artificial sweetners such as sucralose and aspartame, putting Powerade Zero and Muscle Milk on the banned list.  Even certain types of bread contain too much fructose and towards the end, even pizza started giving me problems.   If I ate or drank a forbidden item, I was looking at 5-7 days of poor workouts.  Pushing my body when it was not in sync led to the dreaded plantar fasciitis.  Obviously, something had to be done about this.  By researching sugar intolerance on the internet, I diagnosed myself with fructose malabsorption disorder.  Red Bull, which is sweetend with sucrose and glucose instead of high fructose corn syrup did NOT produce a significant negative reaction.  My problem is a deficiency in the enzyme xylose isomerase, which converts excess fructose to glucose.  I surmised that this deficiency also interfered with the absorption and processing of Thym Adren and Paramin.  Early signs point to this being correct.

Taken directly from the website: "FRUCTOSiN is a worldwide unique food supplement containing the enzyme Xylose Isomerase . This enzyme is able to support the body with the digestion of the surplus of ingested fructose."

Now on to the results:
   I felt a difference from the very first day on this new pill.  Instead of feeling listless and depressed, I was loose, anxious and short of breath.  I nervously tried a forbidden soda and my body did NOT tighten up.  I felt even more stimulated just as I should have.  As a test, I popped a Thym-Adren pill just to see if it would make things better or worse.  The answer was that it made things better.

 Fructose malabsorption is linked to adrenal fatigue and those who have taken Accutane so it's all inter-related.   The only negative of Fructosin is the cost.  It costs $45 for a 15 day supply but I am hopeful that I will not have to take it every day long-term, just for preventative maintenance.  Hopefully, the same will hold true for Thym-Adren as well.  As long as I am not in a situation in which I need X # of pills per day or else, I can live with that and others can live with me.
  This is NOT a substitute for a healthy diet.  Sugar was bad before and it still is but I have achieved some freedom from restrictions that are nearly impossible to follow.
Perhaps, I should call myself Dr. J instead of Crazy J, LOL.

FINAL EDIT:  1 year later, I still endorse this product and stand by what I have written.  However, shortly after taking a magnesium supplement to correct a severe deficiency, I found that I no longer needed Fructosin and have read that fructose malabsorption has been linked to a magnesium deficiency.  


Dawn Kaiser said...

Where can you order Fructosin? I have searched multiple ways with no success. My daughter has all the same issues and we suspect that this is it. Haven't been able to get the doctors to look at it seriously.

Crazy J said...

Do a google search for Fructosin. That's how I found it.
Here is the link:
Just an FYI:
I believe that my issues were due to a magnesium deficiency, which has been linked to fructose malabsorption. Since starting on transdermal magnesium, I no longer need Fructosin.

Angela Harris said...

So now that you take a magnesium supplement you can still have certain problem foods on a occasion? Like bread and things here and there?

Julie said...

What kind of transdermal magnesium supplement do you recommend? Brand? Type, topical cream, oil?


Crazy J said...

Angela and Julie,
Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I take magnesium chloride spray from Ancient Minerals as well as Magnesium malate. I have very little trouble with any foods unless I do something stupid like drink soda or beer several days in a row.

Neil Robinson said...

There is a new product called xylosolv available. You can also get more information if you email

Neil Robinson said...

Sorry..that should be ..not infi..

kimloudou said...

I am so glad I found your site tonight after spending the day researching and finding out about fructose malabsorption, then looking for xylose isomerase. Your self discovery and reading about a magnesium deficiency causing FM hit the nail on the head for me. I know this is my answer. Thank you :-)

Crazy J said...

Thanks so much for your comment. It means so much to know that my struggles have not been in vain. I recommend a Mag RBC test. If your value is below 5.0, it's a good bet that it is causing your FM issues. Good luck.