Friday, January 17, 2014

B-6 intolerance and the solution

Throughout my history, there have been several times in which I could not take B-6 at all as well as times in which I could take it without a problem.  Based on my research, I can point to two causes:
1) a very low Calcium/Potassium ratio (below 1.5 on the hair test vs an ideal of 4.0).
2) Liver toxicity or congestion

Let's look at #1- The Livestrong website gave me this information and it was backed up by my experience.  When I first started the program, a product called Limcomin was recommended but I could not tolerate it.  At that time, my Cal/K ratio was about 1.2.  Some B-6 was okay but any more than about 200% of my DV caused problems.  Symptoms included worsening fatigue, sore muscles and depression.  Fortunately, the above supplement was not absolutely necessary.  I successfully treated Stage 3 adrenal fatigue with SBF, Thym-Adren, Paramin and Vitamin C.  For the next year- 18 months, I found that I could take B-6 without a problem.

Later, when on neurotransmitter support after I had totally beaten adrenal fatigue, my B-6 intolerance kicked in far worse than before.  This presented a greater problem because all NeuroScience products contained B-6.  This time, my symptoms of B-6 intolerance were more severe.  In addition to the fatigue and abnormal soreness, I had severe anxiety and heart palpitations so much that I could literally see my heart "try to jump out of my chest" Again, I had the good fortune of being able to find substitute products and eventually beat the neurotransmitter imbalances.  I took taurine and GABA for inhibitory support as well as tryosine+C for excitatory support.  At the time of my most severe B-6 intolerance, my Mag, Na and K all shot up big time, which is common for patients who had just recently escaped adrenal fatigue.  Thus, with Calcium remaining low and Potassium high, my ratio was quite unbalanced.

Third, in the Spring of 2013 after I tried increasing Mag citrate, I got the idea to add B-6, which proved to be a disaster.  Then, the hair test showed a Cal/K ratio near 1.0.
If I had known about the link between B-6 intolerance and a low Ca/K ratio, I would have taken more Cal but again never take more than 2 parts Cal to 1 part Mag.  If I had done that, I may have been able to tolerate the Neuroscience products but in the end, it still worked out.

#2- Thanks to the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook, I confirmed that the liver is responsible for the processing of B-6 so if there is a lot of clutter and toxins in there, you will not be able to process it and your symptoms will be the usual fatigue, depression and muscle aches.  The solution here is simple: DO THE HULDA CLARK LIVER CLEANSE!  Go ahead and look it up on You tube but the basic protocol is epsom salt water and olive oil mixed with grapefruit juice.

Going forward:
I already feel somewhat better after only 12 hours off the B-6.  Because Jigsaw Mag contains B-6, it is on my banned list at this time.  If I take plain Mag malate without the B-6, I will probably be okay at least for the next 2 weeks.  A word of strong caution is that chemical sensitivity is a progressive disease.  Right now, I can probably take Mag malate with the Thym-Adren.  If left untreated, my system will reject the Mag malate, leaving me on Thym-Adren only.  The next step is that it will begin to reject  the Thym-Adren forcing me to limit the doses and effectively prevent any chance of getting in balance.  The final step is the point in which the system cannot process any supplements and even have trouble with certain foods.

I still declare the detox a MAJOR SUCCESS and it is NOT A SURPRISE that I need to do it again.  Most patients report doing it once a month for maybe 6 months to a year then it's more like 2-3 times per year thereafter.  I think it is best to do the cleanse about 2 weeks prior to a big race.  If I go too close, I risk diarrhea.  Too far and I risk a relapse.  Overall, I don't feel too bad about where I am.  I will need all A's this weekend to win week #3.  Still, if you had told me a month ago that I would be 2-1 after 3 weeks of 2014, I would have been mighty pleased.  I probably don't have to worry about the exact 3:2 ratio after all.  In fact, I would not be surprised if an extra Cal makes me feel slightly worse.

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