Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Training 1/1-1/5

1/1- Everything can change on New Year's Day.  10 mile Trak Shak loop (9+ S. Lakeshore) in a time of 72:12 (7:13 pace).  I felt great through about 7 miles but struggled a bit in the homestretch.  I need to do some more experimentation.  Before the detox, I needed Vitamin C when I took mega Thym-Adren.  Now, it may be bad for me.  I may not be able to take it with Mag but given the choice between the two, I would take the Mag.  Overall, this was a good day.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=10.0

1/2- Further experimentation is necessary.  Too much vitamin C has been confirmed to be bad for me after the detox.  Prior to it, I needed C with mega Thym-Adren.  I will see if I can take the Jigsaw along with a bit of Cal.  Today, the morning was a little rough but I began feeling better by the afternoon as some of the excess C cleared.  Workout went well.  Standard issue 6 in 44:50 (7:28 pace).  The only reason this is not an "A" is a mild fade (22:15/22:35) but the pace never went over 7:33.  Good job.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

1/3- A bit of sensitivity is actually a good thing because it lets you know when your plan is off-track.  I learned today that Cal is not good for me at this time.  Neither is Vitamin C.  However, the most important pills are Mag + Thym-Adren and I can take both. The only remaining question is whether the Mag will be Jigsaw or plain malate.  I did not feel great during the day but was okay when it was time to run.  Easy 3 in 22:21 (7:27 pace) plus a Mile cool on the 'mill.  I could have gone 6+ easily today but cut it short only because I am planning to go long tomorrow.
Grade:Pass/0 credit/distance=4.0

1/4- Lakeshore 15 in 1:52:06 (7:28 pace).  Probably a fair assessment of my current fitness.  Almost all the Cal is out of my system now so I have no excuses.  Felt great early and passed 11 miles in 80-flat.  2 more 7:15s would have brought me to 13.1 in a low-1:35 but crashed hard after that.  Last 3 miles were all over 8 minutes.  In a race setting, that last 5K would be a struggle.  I'm still good with this one overall and have another 6 weeks until race day and will do another liver cleanse in about 3-4 weeks. I want to see how I do on Jigsaw Mag tonight. Need a "D-" to win.
Grade:B+/2 credit/distance=15.0

1/5- Gold's 4 in 31:21 (7:50 pace).  I'm simply not in the shape that I was in 12 months ago.  Back then, I could recover from a hard 15 and run the standard issue workout the next day.  I expected to be slow and was not disappointed.  Added another slow mile on the 'mill as a cool down.  Good news is that the Jigsaw Mag appears to be working for me.  That's good because I can take fewer pills and I get more synergistic vitamins than I get with plain malate.  I've had a bit of pain on the outside of my hip but I will hold off on prolo.  I'm sure that the period in which I could not take Thym-Adren caused my numbers to get way out of balance.  For the first week on track, I'm doing pretty well.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=5.0

Weekly summary:
47 miles is my highest 7 day total in nearly 12 months.  I've won the opening week for the 5th time in 6 years but one week does not a year make.  I had a losing record in 2010 too and started 0-3 in 2011 but ran a solid 1:34 at Mercedes and was in sub-90 shape by December despite several hiccups along the way.  Pleased with the week overall but need more variance with the paces.
Distance= 40.0/GPA= 19.3/6= 3.22

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