Thursday, October 2, 2014

Zinc/copper panel plus Mag RBC result

Raw numbers:
Ceruloplasmin- 18.2- SCREAMS OF FRUSTRATION
Zinc- 112- surprisingly high given that I've cut the dose
Copper- 76- too low
Mag RBC- 5.9- I'm good with that.

The good news:
The optimal range for Mag RBC is 6.0-7.0 so I am just a hair outside the range.  Would I feel any different if I was 6.0 instead?  Probably very little if any so I'm good with that.  If I can tolerate 750 without bowel issues, I'll take it.  If not, it'll be okay to drop to 500 especially now that I am off caffeine.

Unbound copper has fallen steadily.  On my first test, it was 28.3.  It is now 21.4, which is a 24% decrease.  Ideally, it should be 15 or lower but at the rate I'm going, I'll get there by the end of December.

The bad and the ugly:
Total copper is still technically "normal" but at 76, it has slipped below the healthy range.

Zinc is also "normal" but the critical Zn/Cu ratio is up to 1.47, which is too high.  It needs to be 1.0-1.3 so I am well above that.  NO WONDER I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH ZINC.
The funny thing is I that after I switched to the ADHS, I am getting only 10 parts zinc: 1 part copper versus 20:1 on the Thym-Adren.

Ceruloplasmin has been basically frozen around 18 for 3 months (17.9-18.3-18.2).  That's not a statistically significant change on any test.

What to do:
I need more copper plain and simple.  It is true that you can be both copper deficient and copper toxic at the same time.  Copper bound to ceruloplasmin is good for you and indispensable.  In order to raise it, you need more copper along with Mag and judicious use of Vitamin A.  I'll keep the zinc where it is and add copper such that the ratio is 5:1.  There is a risk that unbound copper will rise again but I am confident that the taurine will safeguard against that.  If you have low ceruloplasmin and high total copper, that means that unbound copper is toxic.  That situation sucks!  If you are there, all I can say is to take copper as tolerated along with something to eliminate it such as taurine, molybdenum, ICMN, ox bile or other sulfur containing products.  Good luck.

I have a theory that an inverse relationship exists between zinc and unbound copper.  While unbound copper fell, zinc rose with no other explanation.  Therefore, it is vital to add copper especially now that the unbound continues to fall.

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