Thursday, March 12, 2015

First week on All In One

So far so good after 4 days.  So far, I've totaled 18 miles on the week and expect to finish over 30.  On Day 1, I could not hold a sub-8 pace longer than 2 miles.
Day 4:
AM- 3 miles in 21:56 (7:19 pace) with a strong negative split.
PM- Comfy 5 in 37:57 (7:35 pace) with an even pace.
  Mood and energy have both improved.  All in One has 3.75 mg of zinc with no copper but has not thrown off that delicate balance.  Plain zinc alone?  I'm scared to try.  Same with the Jigsaw Mag and methyl B complex.  I did try some ADHS just now (10:1 ratio) and don't think I've had any real reaction.  Also, I've not developed any Cal/Mag sensitivity since stopping the taurine.  YES! I am still a LONG way from the Crazy J of old and will not consider myself "back" until I am CONSISTENTLY under 5:35/20:00/42:00/1:34.  All of those times are more than 5% slower than my adult PRs.  At 34, any age related decline is negligible and I am only 6 months removed from an unofficial 5K PR set on a very lucky day last September.

I am still at least 2 weeks away from getting the results from 23andMe but the recent turn of events have led me to feel a bit more optimistic about my prognosis.  The All In One does support the methylation cycle but as far as I know, it does not specifically target any mutations.  I do think I may be experiencing some detox however.  I've had diarrhea a couple of times (not while running), a couple break outs and more than usual popping in the joints.  None of these are terribly bothersome or a cause for concern.  In theory, I will only get better once I do address the mutations.

I cannot change my DNA but I can "work around" the errors. Many autistic patients who are almost surely worse off than I am have reported very positive outcomes.   Dr. Yasko had an interesting analogy on her site.  Suppose the m key is missing from your computer or it will not register when you type.  If you meant to type "miss" and type "iss" instead, spell check will catch it and make suggestions such as "kiss", "hiss" or "miss." Just choose miss and you're good to go.

It is clear to me now that even when I was doing well and mostly symptom free, I was hanging on by a thread.  Energy pathways that required Mag, copper and yes, methylation were severely compromised.  I thought of another analogy today.  The quickest way from downtown Birmingham to my apartment in Hoover is to go southbound on Interstate 65.  If there is no traffic, I can get home in 15 minutes.  What if a section of the Interstate is closed?  No big deal.  Just take US-31 or even US-280-I-459.  Again, assuming minimal traffic, I can still get home in 20-25 minutes.  Even State Highways are not a terrible option but if I have to rely on back roads or county roads, it's going to be a long trip.  That's the way it goes with the energy pathways.  Just open up one good one and symptoms will surely be reduced.

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