Sunday, March 15, 2015

Still Unstable

Turn for the worse this weekend.  Rested Friday.  Managed just 2 horrible miles Saturday and will not even attempt a workout today.  Finished with 20 miles on the week.

If I go a day without taking Cal/Mag or Thyrm-Adren, I'll be hurting but I'm okay with that.  Given my numbers, that's what should be happening.  I project that my tissue sodium is under 60 by now but given how bad my methylation cycle is, it may not be as effective now.  I won't be horrible if I take extra pills or 1 less than normal, which is good.

All In One-  This more more upsetting.  If I go 36 hours without it, I'm hurting.  If I take a 2nd dose too close to the first, I'm hurting.  That means, I need neither more nor less than 1 of those per day.  VERY ANGRY!

I've looked into mercury toxicity and suspect that I have a hidden problem because it's usually not revealed on a hair test.  I do have 2 root canals and several amalgams but I'm afraid to have them removed because I've heard horror stories from people who have gotten worse after doing so.   I tried Activated Charcoal, which is supposedly good for all purpose detox.  NOT GOOD FOR ME!  I got the same old stiff legs, malaise and depression after taking it.

All I can do is stay with the 1 All In One until I get the genetic test.  Kentucky is in 2 weeks.  I got lucky in Arizona and it could happen again but I'd be very surprised if I can break 1:45 on a tough course.

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Yo Momma Runs said...

Where is the KY race? I hope you can pull something out! My biggest fear would be weather (in other words lots of sweating) if this heat keeps up.