Monday, March 9, 2015

Taurine/All in One Supplement review

I was downright AWFUL all last week.  I managed a grand total of 10 miles with the best day being 3@7:45.  Most days, I could not break 8 minutes for a single mile.  If anyone out there still thinks that I'd feel better if I didn't run so much, think again.  Today was a bit better as I actually had a trace of energy flowing and did not feel completely listless.  I managed 4 miles @ 8:12 pace and kept it under 8 for the first 2 miles.

 I credit the improvement to cutting out taurine.  Yes, that's right.  The same taurine that led me to a PR 5K just 6 months ago will no longer work.  Despite the periodic liver detoxes, my system is still burdened by sulfur and ammonia.  The CBS mutation is the most likely culprit.  Fortunately, Dr. Yasko has a  better plan for detox.  I just have to wait another 2.5-4.5 weeks to confirm what I already know.   I was hopeful that cutting the taurine would allow me to tolerate methyl folate again but I was wrong and will likely take another step backward tomorrow.  Why was the taurine so helpful for a brief time?  In the past, I needed exactly 1g of that stuff (neither more nor less).  That tells me that there are conflicting mutations and correcting one may cause other symptoms to flare up.

I've got a tough fight ahead of me but at least I will know the enemy.  What I do have in my favor is that I have a history of  fast responses to treatment.  Less than 2 years after being diagnosed with Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue, I was a sub-4 marathoner despite the instability.  Also, my magnesium and ceruloplasmin rose faster than expected once I found the right treatment.  I now fully expect to test positive for CBS, MTHFR and COMT and probably a couple others.  I know one woman with 14 mutations but it's highly unlikely that I am in that bad of shape.

While I got bad news about remaining intolerant to methyl folate, the good news is that I CAN tolerate the All In One.  It's a multivitamin which VERY GENTLY supports the methylation cycle.  Very few people have a problem with it and I am not one of them.  No, it's not a miracle cure but I did not expect it to be.  It can't hurt me in any way.  It can only help.  Also, thanks to the All in One, I should be able to stop taking Jigsaw Mag, which contains too much Folate even in 1 pill.  I am still able to tolerate plain Cal/Mag and Thym-Adren and would guess that my tissue sodium level is in the 60s now and could be near balance by the end of the month.  I may have a small ray of hope going forward.   Even if I do get the results before Lexington, it will be too late to begin the treatment so close to race day.  If I have to Gallo-walk it to a 2:30ish finish, SO WHAT!

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