Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dentist visit

Most people would be pleased to get the news that I did.  The examination proved conclusively that my root canal is NOT infected.  Part of me was actually hoping that it was and needed to be pulled.  I had an infected root canal removed in 2011 and got RED HOT later that year.  It crossed my mind that my current problems could be related to this tooth but that's not the case.  I've had some mild discomfort in that tooth that had intensified in recent days but the cause was determined to be a small gap that was causing food packing and if I floss regularly, it should go away.

 My last denty tried to push unnecessary fillings and another root canal.  I said NO and it proved to be a good call.  I thought I had 2 root canals in my mouth but it turns out that I only have 1 plus 1 other crown.  The original plan was to replace the crown that had been giving me trouble but I am going to scratch that.  The tooth next to the crown, which is on the end, needs a filling and is one of 3-4 teeth with amalgams.  I've decided to take care of that one first and since it is on the end and above a tooth that I've already had pulled, I don't think I'll miss it too much.  I'll have to talk to him again and we'll decide on what to do. If I improve after getting that tooth out or simply getting the amalgam out, I'll be more inclined to get the rest of my amalgams removed.

On the medical front, I have tried to run the last few days and every day has been flat out AWFUL!  Today was the worst.  I felt dazed all day and was not very productive at work.  I could barely break 10 minutes for a single mile.

VERDICT on a couple treatments:
Adenosyl B12- FAIL.  Just a minute dose triggered a negative reaction.

Sparga- Ineffective but not harmful.  My pace was almost exactly the same with it as without it.

CHANGE- I fully expect that my urinary amino acid test will reveal a severe sulfur burden.  I must increase the Calcium because it's the only thing that I can tolerate that is a sulfur antagonist.  The trick is to keep up the Magnesium as well because I know what happens what that ratio gets out of balance.  I figure a 3:2 ratio ought to work out okay.  I'll make it 900 Cal/600 Mag.  Also, the source of the Mag must change from Jigsaw to plain Malate.  Jigsaw contains methyl folate, which is good for the MTHFR gene mutation but increases the sulfur burden, which is most likely my TOP PRIORITY.  Hopefully, I can stay with the 1 All in One, which should give me just enough methyl to stave off the extreme mineral sensitivity.

I will report back when I get the Urinary Amino Acid test.  I am likely done with the Health Coach.  Their customer service SUCKS!  Still no video from the consult after more than a month.  That's inexcusable!


Tyler Williford said...

It's certainly a good news that your root canal was not infected. Maybe you really need all of those treatments so that the discomfort that you feel with your teeth will be relieved. I hope that you're getting them all done by now. Good luck!

Tyler Williford @ Marzo Smile

Freddie Gray said...

It's always good to hear that there are no issues, especially with your teeth. I've never had a root canal but know people who have been through them and I do not envy you at all. It sounds like one of the worst things you can go through at a dentist's office, so I'm glad that I never had to endure that.

Freddie Gray @ Ballantyne Dentistry

Sylvester Mckenzie said...

Dental work is always such a challenge. It stresses me out just to think about it. I have always struggled with my teeth and for my years I thought about just getting veneers put in because that would probably prove less work. I had to wear braces for 5 years and then I had to get jaw surgery for overbite.

Sylvester Mckenzie @ Cody Dental

Joanna said...

Glad to hear your root canal was not infected, my husband did not get so lucky as he did not take care of it enough, he has been under a lot of pain recently and I felt so sad for him but I know it was his fault in the end. Thank you for sharing the story with us, thanks.

Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist