Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Early thoughts on the time off

Today was my 3rd day off and I'm starting to miss it.  I still don't feel any better, maybe a little worse.  I've read that heavy exercise can contribute to ammonia toxicity but at least according to the blood, that's not a problem.  It seems like the culprit is All In One, which is very puzzling because it did SEEM like my tolerance to that stuff was improving up until Asheville.  I'm going off it for now but would not be the least bit surprised if I need it again very soon.  I know I need the methylation support but just can't tolerate it until the CBS mutation is resolved.

I have ordered the UAA (Urinary Amino Acid) test as well as the GABA/glutamate spray.  That's the first new treatment that I will try.  Next is the ACE nucleotide product.  The test kit should arrive by the end of the week and I hope to get it sent out on Friday but the results may have to wait 3 weeks.
I will definitely get some answers and I expect that it will explain some things.  If in the unlikely event the sulfur is NOT high, I am going to attack the mercury toxicity.

This weekend:
I'm spent most of my time alone hanging by the pool the last 2 weekends.  This time around, I think I will go road tripping off the beaten path.  I'd like to hit the coast but go somewhere a bit out of the way that's not crowded.  Maybe the pain of being alone won't be so bad that way.  So where to?  I'm thinking the Louisiana and Texas Gulf coast around Lake Charles/Galveston.

It's about a 9 hour drive but I can manage especially if I break it up.  Actually, the Texas coast is a small item on my bucket list.  I'm also curious about the culture of SW Louisiana.  Is it Cajun, Southern or a mix of the two?  The word on the street is that the beaches are not as nice as Florida and Alabama but I'm up for something different. Supposedly, the south Texas beaches (South Padre Island) are very nice but that's way too far and a last minute flight would be too expensive.   Yes, there is some minor tropical activity there now but it is forecasted to clear out by Thursday.  If the weather is still bad, it will be the Florida Atlantic.  Hopefully, the area between Jacksonville and Daytona will be quiet and peaceful.

When I get back on Monday or Tuesday, I will try to run again.

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