Monday, June 8, 2015

Training 6/8-6/14

6/8- AM- 2.5 miles in 18:45 (7:30 pace).  Somewhat encouraging workout.  Started to hurt a little in Mile 2 but the pace stayed even give or take 2 seconds all the way.  Took some methyl later and it failed.  No big surprise there but it means that I cannot treat the MTR or MTRR mutations right now.  Consult is tomorrow and if I don't get some good info this time, I am done with the Health Coach.  I STILL have not received the recording as promised from the 1 hour consult which took place on May 18th.  Also, the only reliable way to reduce my dependence on ADHS is more Cal/Mag.

6/9- Junk mile on Wisteria in 7:57.  No sugar or caffeine today and there may be an adjustment period.  Nothing earth shattering from the health coach.

6/10- AM 1.5 mile at Gold's in 11:23 (7:35 pace) showing little improvement.
PM- Popped a 4th All in One and got worse.  That dose needs to be cut.  Naked Trak Shak 3 in a very slow pace.

6/11- Gold's 3 in 22:57 (7:39 pace).  Slightly better than yesterday after cutting the All in One back down to 2 pills but I was working to hold a 7:45 in Mile 3.  It was a drag too and left me more depressed afterward.  I just don't enjoy this anymore and it may be time to shut it down but only temporarily.  I'll see if I'm better tomorrow on just 1 All in One.

6/12-Down to 1 All In One and feel no better.  If anything, I may be slightly worse.  No running today and if I am not better by the end of the weekend, I am shutting it down.  I expected to get my ammonia test results today but did not.  Perhaps there is a delay because my results will be flagged as abnormal.  I would actually interpret that as good news.  No running today.

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