Monday, December 19, 2016

Training 12/19-12/25

12/19- 5 miles in 37:25 (7:29 pace).  That's an impressive 17 seconds/mile faster than I was just 3 days ago over the same distance.  Obviously, that rate of improvement is not sustainable over the long haul.  Still, if I can simply cut off an average of 1 second per mile per day, I'll be under 35 in just under a month.  Even pace that hovered just over 7:30 most of the way then rallied from 7 seconds down with 1 mile to go with a 7:18 kick.

12/20- Easy 6 in 46:49 (7:48 pace).  Dialed down the effort a notch and felt comfortable all the way.  Even pace with a 1st half in 23:22, 2nd half in 23:27.  Only 4 days ago, a tempo effort yielded 5@7:46.  Today, I did essentially the same pace over an extra mile with much less effort.  Good job.

12/21- Tried Zinc alone in addition to the combo and it was not the answer.  Managed to salvage a workout in spite of it.  Finished with 4 miles in a time of 31:56 (7:59 pace) and needed a small rally at the end to finish under 8 minute pace overall.  Started off pretty well but it was quickly apparent that this was not working.  Zinc balance at 15:1 is my only option,

12/22- AM- Excess zinc has yet to clear.  Did 2 miles just to pad my total.  Finished in 15:08 (7:34 pace) and felt marginally better than last night.   I'll be back out this evening.  I'm closing in on 1300 miles on the year (25 MPW average) and barring sickness or injury, I will make it.

PM- 4 miles at Spain Park track on a pleasant evening.  Finished in 30:40 (7:40 pace).  Not a bad workout but I feel like I've plateaued in recent days.  Came through 3 feeling comfortable then tempo-ed it in Mile 4 with a 7:23 and dipped under 7 in the last lap.

Update:  I saw a post on CureZone in which a patient had a Ferritin level over 1600.  Mine was 194.  While I don't doubt that I will be better off when that number is lower, it seems unlikely that it is the smoking gun.  I'm at 1284 miles on the year and even without a workout over Christmas weekend, I should finish over 1300.

12/23- Planned rest day.  Travel.

12/24- 3 miles on Peter's Trail in a time of 23:51 (7:57 pace).  Dreary day and my heart wasn't really into it but I'm concerned now.  This is not a collapse but I have taken a step backward since the beginning of the week.  Splits were 7:35-7:57-8:19 so I was under the Mendoza line all the way but didn't have much more left at the end.  I could not have finished a half without walking.  I was a bit more sluggish after taking Cal yesterday so that could be it.  I may also try low dose taurine or chromium.  I'll test again next week and want to know my Zinc status before the end of the year.

12/25- Christmas Day.  Planned rest.  The Calcium needs to be cut out.  Is it just Cal citrate that is bad or is it all Cal?  I'll find out tomorrow.  Chromium and taurine will also be tried.

Weekly total- 24 miles.  YTD: 1,287.  3 sessions to 1300.

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