Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Upcoming Tests, Predictions and Treatments

Next week, I will shell out some major cash in another effort to try to find the smoking gun:

-Vitamin D (2 tests).  I predict there will NOT be a deficiency but there is a possibility of an issue with bio-availability.  In any event, Vitamin-D in supplement form is a NO.  Cod liver oil is my only chance here.  I'll take a few teaspoons in liquid form.

-Vitamin C- I've been taking this stuff pretty steady in recent weeks so I think it's a good bet that it has at least edged into the normal range.  If it remains low, do I take ascorbic acid or Whole Food C?  Whole Food C is the recommendation but I'll go with the most effective option, which remains to be seen.

-Ferritin- I expect to see continued improvement here.  The question is how far am I away from the optimal range? In theory, the Cal citrate should be helping and so should cutting out all lactoferrin. If I remain stubbornly high, my options are a liver flush first then blood donation.

-Hepatic Liver- This is a liver enzyme test.  There is one in particular (ALP) that may very well be high.  If that's so, a liver flush may help and GB-3 may help as well.  I've already ordered the GB-3.

That's all for now.  In the near future, I will be interested in Genova Comprehensive Profile, which is the only one that I know of that tests sulfates in writing.  If it is indeed high, it's probably a wasting issue rather than an excess.  I'll have to investigate what to do about it.  The only things suggested were a zinc deficiency, which seems unlikely and a Vitamin D issue.  I'll know more about that after this test and the treatment will be Cod Liver Oil, not D-3.

Liver flush- We'll see what the ferritin says.  If it's high, the theory is that the ferritin will be dumped out and fall significantly but the Iron and Copper will likely rise.  Fortunately, I know what to do about that.  It may impact my Vitamin C tolerance at least temporarily.  I hope I don't have to do it but if all else fails, it's viable.  The first 2 detoxes were very effective.  The last few were not but that was 2 years ago.  I could be due for another one.

Still have options left but if everything comes back normal, my path to recovery will look bleak.

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