Monday, December 5, 2016

Training 12/5-12/11

12/5- Went with all ascorbic acid today.  Finished 4 miles at Gold's in 30:37 (7:39 pace).  On 2 pills, I was doing an even 7:40 then finished with a 7:37 after popping a 3rd pill.  That's not a significant difference so I'm going to stay with 2.  It is possible but unlikely that I can handle B-vitamins again if I cut it back to 1.  We'll see.  Also, I tried Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant) last night and my energy was definitely knocked down a notch but it wasn't an instant disaster.  I'm curious about how I'd do on an adrenal stimulant.  The modulator doesn't hurt me but it's ineffective.
-Next round of tests will be early next week.

12/6- Same workout as yesterday but this time, the wild card was the adrenal glandular.  Came through 3 miles in 23:55 (7:58 pace).  Very stiff and significantly worse than yesterday.  Had to fight hard just to come in under the Mendoza line.  Popped the adrenal glandular and was considerably WORSE.  At least I know it's not the answer now.  Slipped to the 9:00 range and could not even hold that.  I cut off the watch after a half mile and treated the rest as a cool down.  May need to cut out the ascorbic acid.

12/7- Unplanned rest day.  Legs feel like steel beams.  It's either the ascorbic acid or the caffeine or both.  I can handle some caffeine occasionally but if I go 3-4 days on it, it's trouble.

12/8- Took just 1 ascorbic acid and immediately felt much worse.  Most likely, that does it.  I'm going with the Whole Food C at lowered doses.  I'll try again on Sunday with just a trace.  Massive headache after just 1 day off caffeine but stuck it out.  2 miles in 19:40 (9:50 pace).  Should be better tomorrow.  In other news, I got into the NYC half so I've got 3 months to get well.

12/9- AM- 2 miles back on Whole Food C just looking for modest improvement and got it with a time of 16:55 (8:28 pace).  MINUS 82.
 PM- Began feeling different by the afternoon and improved to 23:53 for 3 miles (7:58 pace).  Again, I had to fight pretty hard just to get under the Mendoza line.

12/10- Another unplanned rest day.  Curcumin was the culprit today.  Did not even try.
PM- Decided to do a junk run on Wisteria just before sunset.  1 mile and it was ugly.  No time.

12/11- It does not matter which form of C that I take or what dose.  It cannot be taken with B-vitamins.  Did not even try this morning.  GB-3 did arrive yesterday afternoon so I took just a trace and felt a definite improvement.  2 miles on Wisteria in 15:50 (7:55 pace) with the upside in a respectable 7:44.  I'm going with the C for the next 5 days then hopefully, I'll be done with it.  The GB-3 will be added slowly.

-18 miles on the week.

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