Monday, June 12, 2017

Training 6/12-6/18

6/12- Gold's 3 in 25:49 (8:37 pace) plus a cool.  Body is very tired from all the travel and racing.  No need to panic over this one.  Should be better tomorrow.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.5

6/13- My adrenals have spiked again.  Not a big surprise considering that I binged on sugar after the 2nd race and am now back on track.  I was beyond awful early with 3 laps at Gold's in 3:18 (9:54 pace).  Popped 2 more pills and improved to 6 laps in 5:57 (8:56 pace) then improved to a 7:58 Mile after 2 more pills.  Added a half mile cool.  The next 2 weeks are likely throw away.  The liver flush will be done on Friday then the blood donation as early as the middle of next week.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=2.5

6/14- Adrenals still in hyperdrive but I wasn't half bad because I took mega ADHS  That should calm down by early next week.  5 miles on Lakeshore in 39:27 (7:53 pace).  Slight negative split in spite of humid conditions.  Temp was relatively mild at 85 degrees but the dew point was over 70.  Liver flush will be done on Friday and I expect to know that it was ineffective by the end of the day on Sunday.  Blood donation could be done as early as Wednesday of next week.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

6/15- Gold's 5 in 38:40 (7:44 pace).  MINUS 9 but I should be faster indoors when the humidity is not a factor.  Figure about the same as yesterday.  Cut the ADHS dose by 1 pill and that may not have been the right call just yet.  Still, not bad.  Tomorrow will be a quickie if I do anything at all.  Detox flush starts tomorrow night.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

6/16- Bad call to cut the ADHS.  Just slow jogged 3 miles.  Heart was not into it anyway with the detox upcoming.  It's one of those that I'll be glad I did if I finish just north of 1500 on the year.
No Grade/distance=3.0

6/17- AM-Got through the detox.  It really wasn't that bad.  Come tomorrow, I'll know if it was effective but I expect that answer will be NO.  Even if it is, I will still likely go through with the blood donation.  Maybe, I'll do a junk run this evening to make it easier to hit 30 on the week.

PM- 3 miles at Gold's in 22:54 (7:38 pace) with a slight negative split.  That's exactly 1:40 half pace though that was not the plan.  Body is still a little off from the detox so this is a freebie but I should be back to form tomorrow.  The plan is to run 8-10 miles early then do the experiments to test the results of the detox.  I expect to get a negative reaction from just a trace of IP-6, B-6 and Curcumin just like before the detox, which will leave me with blood donation as the last best hope.  I have not tried Dichotomous Earth (spelling?) but I have little confidence that stuff would be effective.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=3.0

6/18- FAILED LONG RUN.  Fortunately, this one was solo.  Trak Shak 3 out and back in 28:36 (9:32 pace).  Opened with an 8:42 and it got worse from there.  I'm not going to panic.  I just got back from a bathroom trip and found more small stones.  That tells me that I am still detoxing and my body is adjusting.

Verdict on the Iron reducing pills including IP-6, B-6 and Curcumin:
The results were identical for each.  I felt no major benefit from any of them but felt no worse after taking them.  What was once poison is now a non-factor.  I suppose that is good news.  The detox did something but I'm not sure what.  I'm still donating next week.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=3.0
Weekly summary:
Expected to lose.  Not a surprise.
Distance=25.0/  GPA= 2.02
YTD: 727 miles.  5-18 with a 2.11 GPA

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