Monday, June 19, 2017

Training 6/19-6/25

6/19- 2 miles in 17:08 (8:34 pace).  I believe the detox did what it was supposed to do.  It removed some Iron from the liver and it has spilled into my blood and tissues.  I could see a similar reaction to blood donation too but it should be only temporary.  This was marginally better than yesterday.  The blood donation appointment has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 PM.  Good call on putting this off until after the epic road trip.

6/20- Westeria Mile in 7:48.  That's it for today.  Taking it easy in preparation for the blood donation tomorrow.

6/21- Planned rest day.  Blood donation was not bad at all.  Full report upcoming.

6/22- Testing.  3x3 laps at Gold's.  Didn't really push just yet.  It was clear upon rising that ADHS is needed.  So is B12 with molybdenum.  Opened without methylation and clocked a 2:38.0 (7:54 pace).  Popped Curcumin and IP6 then improved to 2:31.5 (7:34 pace). After the methylation, I was down to 2:09.5 (6:28 pace).
Pleased.  The improvement from IP6 and Curcumin was significant but not night and day.  Methylation is most definitely still needed but I was less horrible without it.  I'm going with this formula until my next test results come back.

PM- First real workout post donation was a split decision.  Totaled 3 miles in 22:27 (7:29 pace).  Felt very strong early with a 7:01 opening mile but began faltering after 1.5.  I was still at 18:07 at 2.5 (7:15 pace) but had some pretty serious discomfort in the pit of my stomach and had to slow down.  Treated the last half mile (4:20) as a cool down and had a NASTY diarrhea attack.  Perhaps that's more Iron loss, which is a good thing.  Overall, I probably pushed too hard today and stupidly binged on sugar.  I may struggle the next few days but I will not panic.

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