Monday, June 19, 2017

Training 6/19-6/25

6/19- 2 miles in 17:08 (8:34 pace).  I believe the detox did what it was supposed to do.  It removed some Iron from the liver and it has spilled into my blood and tissues.  I could see a similar reaction to blood donation too but it should be only temporary.  This was marginally better than yesterday.  The blood donation appointment has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 PM.  Good call on putting this off until after the epic road trip.

6/20- Westeria Mile in 7:48.  That's it for today.  Taking it easy in preparation for the blood donation tomorrow.

6/21- Planned rest day.  Blood donation was not bad at all.  Full report upcoming.

6/22- Testing.  3x3 laps at Gold's.  Didn't really push just yet.  It was clear upon rising that ADHS is needed.  So is B12 with molybdenum.  Opened without methylation and clocked a 2:38.0 (7:54 pace).  Popped Curcumin and IP6 then improved to 2:31.5 (7:34 pace). After the methylation, I was down to 2:09.5 (6:28 pace).
Pleased.  The improvement from IP6 and Curcumin was significant but not night and day.  Methylation is most definitely still needed but I was less horrible without it.  I'm going with this formula until my next test results come back.

PM- First real workout post donation was a split decision.  Totaled 3 miles in 22:27 (7:29 pace).  Felt very strong early with a 7:01 opening mile but began faltering after 1.5.  I was still at 18:07 at 2.5 (7:15 pace) but had some pretty serious discomfort in the pit of my stomach and had to slow down.  Treated the last half mile (4:20) as a cool down and had a NASTY diarrhea attack.  Perhaps that's more Iron loss, which is a good thing.  Overall, I probably pushed too hard today and stupidly binged on sugar.  I may struggle the next few days but I will not panic.

6/23- Step backward.  Another 3 miler in 23:48 (7:57 pace).  Splits were 7:21-8:00-8:27 so that's ugly.  I suspected a problem from the Curcumin and it turned out to be true when I got home.  Serum Iron has likely fallen since the donation.  That detox the previous weekend was a good call.  I'm going to stay on IP-6 until further notice.  We'll see what the blood test says.  If the serum Iron is low and Ferritin is high, another detox could be an option but I'd prefer not to do that.  Ferritin often drops BIGLY after a donation so there may be no need.  No panic but I am concerned after this one.  Morley says it may take up to 6 weeks before I feel the full benefit of the donation.

6/24- Junk run testing.  Half mile in 4:20 without IP6 then slipped to 4:36 with it so that is a significant slow down.  I am neither surprised nor disappointed by this development.  Pills tolerated before the donation have become NOs after it just as I predicted.  I will toss both the IP6 and the Curcumin.  The ineffective Bee Pollen will be next after I finish that bottle.  My cabinet is beginning to clear out a bit.

6/25- Lakeshore 4 in 31:16 (7:49 pace) with even splits.  Not half bad for the day after a crash.  It's back to work starting tomorrow.

Weekly summary:
No grading this week.  I didn't know how I would react to the blood donation so this was a throw away from the beginning.  Did manage to chalk up 15 miles, which pulls me up to 747 on the year.  Mulligan #2 on the year so if I can't run for any reason later in the year, it's an automatic zero.

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