Monday, December 8, 2008

training Dec. 7-13

12/7- Easy 6 in 46 minutes. On an easy recovery day, I was able to run the same pace as an all-out effort last week. This formula is working very well so far. Pace slowed a bit towards the end but I maintained an even effort.
Grade: A-/1 credit/ distance=6.0
12/8- Speedwork to keep the body guessing and maintain some 5K fitness. When marathon training starts, I will do this type of workout maybe once every 2-3 weeks. I've lost a lot of speed and it's a little depressing. Stats: Mile: 6:02, Half: 3:00, Quarters: 90, 77. Followed by 2 miles at glacial pace for a warmdown. I am sore but I have every right to be since I am just 2 days removed from a 16 miler and I didn't exactly take it easy the next day. Felt a tad off form but this still goes in the books as a decent workout.
Grade: B/2 credits/distance=4.0
12/9- Another easy 6, this one in 48 minutes. No easy run should be much faster than 8:00 no matter how good I feel or else I'll pay for it down the road. Even pace but breathing got a bit heavy towards the end. Good overall. Weight is up to 150, which is good for me.
Grade: B+/1 credit/distance=6.0
12/10- earned a rest day.
12/11- 5 mile tempo in 35:54. A bit faster than I planned. Hopefully, I will not have to pay for it on Saturday. Started too fast then settled into a solid tempo pace and had plenty left at the end. I probably could have done a sub-35 in an all-out time trial, which I still consider to be good.
Long cooldown at the end. Felt good after workout and mildly sore day after.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=6.0
12/12- rest to prepare for Saturday's effort
12/13- 20 miles in 2:49:26. Not as strong as last week but still a very solid effort. Started a tad fast this time and battled all the way for a sub-8:30. This was not quite an all out effort but pretty darn close to it. Pace per mile: 8:28, marathon pace of 3:42. Not bad at all for a 1 day taper. 10 mile split was 84:21, followed by a hard fought last half in 85:05. That's pretty good splits. I probably could have done a full mary in the mid-high 3:40s and should do better if fully rested. Last mile was 8-flat and last quarter was 1:51 so the tank was low but not empty.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=20.0
Week summary: Distance: 42.0/ Weekly GPA: 27.8/8= 3.475
This was my best week of the preseason. 42 miles without too much difficulty. That's what happens when I am symptom-free. I think I could have done 45 at this pace but hitting 50 will require me to slow down a bit. Nothing but long and easy and maybe 1 tempo before my New Year assault on my full mary PR.

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