Friday, June 19, 2009

Medical report

In short, not a big surprise but I was hoping for better numbers:
Good news first:
- manganese level, though still low, came up nicely since last time.
- I am not at risk for a relapse into adrenal exhaustion. A few people expressed concern about a possible relapse as a result of me training too hard. Very unlikely, at least in the near-term.
Bad news:
- Thyroid still moderately hyperactive as expected. That number did improve slightly but not enough to signify real progress.
- Adrenals are now badly hyperactive (a total 180 from when I started the treatment). This number actually got a little worse since last time.
Slightly better thyroid, slightly worse adrenals= probably a wash overall.
-chromium level actually dropped slightly despite supplementation. I cannot take mega doses of that stuff because it stimulates the adrenals.
Conclusion: 3 years ago, a good day was being able to run for 10-15 minutes slowly before crashing and burning. If you had told me back then that I would be doing as well as I am today, I would not have believed it so I am very thankful. In the past month, only twice have I been forced to cut a planned workout short because my symptoms flared up and those days were "C-" and "D" workouts. "F" workouts have been very rare this year. Still, I feel that my running has plateaued a bit as of late and I know why. My last medical report was done just after my 2008 Performance of the Year (Vulcan 10K in 42:43). If I raced that course again, I would be hard pressed to break 42 even if I had my "A" stuff. Since my latest report reveals little change in my state of health, it should not be a surprise. Any improvements that I have made have been a result of harder and more consistent training, not better chemistry. According to the report, I am experiencing about a 25% energy loss as a result of overactive glandular activity. That figure seems awfully high to me and is likely offset, at least in part, by other things going on in my body. Still, even an across the board 10% improvement would be huge. That would put me under 18 for 5K, 38 for 10K and a half mary in 1:26 but balanced glandular activity will result in greater improvements in longer distance than shorter stuff. My full and half times would improve more than my 5K. Last week, in my group speed workout, I raced a sub-3 marathoner in a quarter mile and smoked him in the last 100. I could never run with him at distances much over 1 Mile. Unbalanced chemistry is a major reason.
The old treatment plan is not working and I cannot let it go and accept my current condition. If current trends continue, I am at risk for developing high blood pressure and diabetes. I'm not worried about that and I know that whatever happens, God has me taken care of. Also, if I don't take the necessary pills or take 1/2 pill too many for even 2 days, I feel a significant drop in my energy level, resulting in "C" and "D" workouts. If I am on the wrong track for a week, I can forget about running altogether and I'm just trying to get through the day. Obsessing about my health is the very reason that I am doing as well as I am. I make the adjustment after the "C" and "D" workouts to prevent the very low points. Still, is this God's best for me? I think not. There has got to be a better treatment plan and I will start modulator supplements and continue seeking a resolution.
Final thoughts:
I won't lie. I do want to get faster. I feel that with balanced chemistry, I have the talent to run a 3:10 marathon and qualify for Boston, something that is not possible in my current condition. I also feel that the faster I get, the more likely people will listen to what I have to say about hair and neurotransmitter tests. However, I want to assure my readers that running is not my primary motivation. With balanced chemistry, I will be much friendlier to others and even my physical appearance will improve. A few of my friends met me in the early stage of my recovery. When I was relatively free from symptoms, I did not have to tell them that I was feeling better because they could see it. Also, as I stated in a previous post, I promise you that I will not obsess about continuous improvement after I hit my lifetime goals. If I do break 3:10 in the marathon, there will be no drastic increase in training for a sub-3 attempt. In high school, I was obsessed with breaking 5:00 in the mile and was quite unhappy when injury and illness prevented me from doing so. Once again, if it turns out that I do not have what it takes to qualify for Boston even with balanced chemistry, I vow that I will not be bent out of shape over it. There are a lot more important things in life.

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Brittney said...

Just stopping in to say "Hi." I saw your note about post adrenal issues PRs on the bottom of your post in the miler thread on the BF in RWOL. I'm another runner trying to balance medical issues and training. In addition to several things I'm dealing with some secondary adrenal insufficency issues due to long term prednisone use. Nothing like you are going through, but I understand where you are coming from.

Keep up the good work. You are speedy, I don't think I could break 5:00. I'm trying to get mine down under 6:30.