Thursday, June 25, 2009

A new goal emerges and another is adjusted

I am still buzzing about that 62 quarter. Particularly impressive was the fact that it was done at the end of a workout and 40 yards ahead of my nearest competitor. I can just imagine how fast I could have been if I was fresh and was either chasing somebody or had someone on my tail. I don't think that it's a stretch to say that I can run a 60. How about a 59.9? Back in high school, I used to do 2-3 speed workouts a week and it seems that my raw speed isn't far off what it was 10 years ago despite higher mileage/slower paced training.
If I want to run a sub-60 quarter, it will probably have to be within the next year or two. I'll be 30 in September 2010 and the window of opportunity for improvement in the sprints is almost closed now. In contrast, I expect my marathon time to improve up until my late 30s.

Here's a training idea: Cut my mileage down to the 30s and run it all at 7:40 pace or faster including the long runs (I'd have to run those without Scott and John) and add a second interval session. Of course, I won't train like this all year round. The Alabama summer is a good time to cut mileage and there are essentially no races in August. I may take a week off in late July and go to the beach for a few days with my buddy Nick. We'll see how I feel. I am excited about the possibility of a sub-60. When I first ran a 60 quarter in high school, my mile time was just under 5:10 and I've got to believe that my endurance is better now. My PR at 10K is better now than it was then and if I raced my teenaged self in the half marathon, I'd finish over a mile ahead.
On my reflections on marathon training post, I made the following lifetime goals:
Mile: 5:20/ 5K: 19:00/ 10K: 40:00/ Half mary: 1:30:00/ Full Mary: 3:10:59
My current times are as follows: 5:26/19:48/42:43/1:36:16/3:43:22.
It is obvious that I have "misunderestimated" my ability in the shorter distances. Heck, I may be able to hit the track and turn in a 5:20 today. I may have "misoverestimated" myself in longer races but that is likely to change when I get my body chemistry in balance.
Adjusted goals: A sub-60 quarter may be a stretch and I don't want it to turn into an obsession but I will upgrade my Mile target to a 5:15 and downgrade my marathon to a 3:15 or 3:20. I am not giving up on Boston but concede that it will be very tough especially on a flat course. I still maintain that I have a decent chance at it on a significant downhill course such as St. George or Tucson. I figure a 3:10 there doesn't count as a PR and is only as good as a flat 3:20.
Fun fact: My fastest mile run under any conditions was a 4:43. Pretty impressive, you say? I had the assistance of gravity in the first mile of a 5K road race. On flat terrain, it was more like a 5:43 and I had another 2.1 miles to go. I do not consider it a PR.

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