Monday, October 19, 2009

training 10/18-24

10/18-One of the worst nights. I had to go almost every hour. Got the radical idea to cut out all supplements with vitamins and minerals because I just can't absorb them. I'm still taking amino acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Improved a bit as the day progressed and managed to do 4 on the 'mill. Pace was sub-8 with a gradual pick up. I did need to break away to squat but overall not too bad outside of that.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=4.0
10/19-Only had to go 3 times at work today. That's an improvement. I have ordered Digestanol. I believe that supplements will solve this issue. Hoover 5 at a comfortable pace. Untimed because Garmin died on me but the early pace was 7:20 and felt pretty easy. Again, I had to squat 3.5 miles into it but finished easily. Very pleasant surprise that I have been feeling this well in workouts but I am fresh because I didn't go long over the weekend.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=5.0
10/20-Went to the doctor today. No colon infection but I am out of commission for a few days.
Started feeling weak with sore muscles partly because I can't eat and partly because I wasn't taking the supplements. I took one of each and barely kept it down but it did help.
10/21-Did not eat. Did not run. Only had to go twice, once when I woke up and once at work.
10/22- Ate a normal lunch and dinner. Only had to go when I woke up.
2 miles in 14:50 on the 'mill. A little stiff but not a concern. The best news is that I did not have to squat nor did I have any stomach cramps.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=2.0
10/23- needed chromium. Dang it! Thym-Adren has too much zinc so I need to reduce that dosage. Zinc stimulates the thyroid and chromium stimulates the adrenals and zinc inhibits chromium so I must either take both or neither. I hope the answer is neither. If it's both, I may feel decent but won't reach my potential. Workout was pretty good today. 3 mile tempo on Lakeshore in 20:51 (7:18-6:48-6:45). Those last 2 miles were at 10K pace. I think I could have gone sub-35 in a 5 M but I want to go long tomorrow and it's not good form to run a time trial the day before a long run.
Grade:B+/2 credits(barely)/distance=3.0
10/24- One step forward, two steps back. Diarrhea returned last night which may have been due to excess chromium. Performed poorly today probably also due to excess chromium (took 2 yesterday, only 1 today). I'm hoping to get it cleared out of my system for tomorrow so I can start fresh on the week. It was a crappy week in more ways than one. The workout: Hoover 3.5 in 27:51 (7:58 pace). 1st 3 miles were steadily paced at 7:54 then hit the wall AFTER A MEASLY 3 MILES!! and limped to a 4:10 last half mile before cramps and feelings of disgust caused me to quit. Oh yeah, I have the beginnings of another toothache. Please let it be just a cavity, not another root canal. Every time I pick myself up, I get knocked down again. I've been praised for a good attitude overall but patience runs out!
Grade:D-(lenient)/1 credit/distance=3.5
Weekly summary:
GPA is somewhat misleading because I only had one marginally challenging run. I'm more upset about the inability to run higher mileage. Crappy week in more ways than one.
Distance= 17.5/ GPA=16/6=2.67

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