Thursday, May 5, 2011

Implications of chromium dependency

Okay, in the nearly 5 years since the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, I have tried just about everything to get my body in balance. Last Fall, I finally found something that worked long-term and the results have been evident (3 PRs this year as well as a massive course PR on the Trak Shak 8).
My Na/Mg (adrenal) ratio fell from 43 in November of last year to 28 this March (ideal is 5, high indicates hyper).
My Ca/K (thyroid) rose from 0.67 to 1.50 (ideal is 4, low indicates hyper).
It seems like I am progressing nicely but when I have to take chromium , the progress will be stymied and my already fragile body chemistry will become even more unstable. I know because I've been in this situation multiple times before. I have no choice. My symptoms have become unbearable without it and will continue to get worse until action is taken.
The problem is that the magic pill contains one ingredient that I cannot take in large doses. It is zinc that inhibits chromium absorption and taking chromium stimulates the already way overactive adrenals, putting me in a Catch 22. What really angers me is that it was re-formulated several years ago and the old formula would not have caused these problems. I've tried just about every other product and all have caused problems in other areas.
What does this mean for my running?
The good news is that I will still be capable of strong performances. The following runs were done with a chromium dependency: Scenic City half (1:32:49), Silver Comet 10K (40:55) and the Trak Shak 8.05 (54:50). I still believe that my lifetime goals are not out of reach. The bad news is that I will be extremely inconsistent and will have to adjust my dosage quite frequently. Since, I can't reach balance, I will never reach my full potential. I will have to back out of some races in which I trained hard and had planned a trip around.
What does it mean for the more important things in life?
You cannot choose to be happy when you have a chemical imbalance and the only people that can truly understand are those that have been there themselves. Relationships with others will be affected and my job performance may suffer as well. Don't even get me started about the challenges that it will present in a dating relationship.
It will take an act of God for me to get into balance. He has acted before so I can't lose hope but as of now, it does not look good.
Heartbreaking news:
I recently read a story online about some loathsome old woman who actually sells a suicide kit online, which is a lethal combination of gases to be inhaled. One of her victims was a 29 year old man who had been struggling with fatigue and depression for years without a definitive diagnosis. I'd bet money that he had adrenal fatigue and if he only knew my story, he may have gotten the treatment that he needed. I've been told many times that I should publish my knowledge in a book but I cannot in good conscience promote something that was not fully effective for me. I promise all my readers and anyone else who cares about me that I WILL NEVER LOSE HOPE no matter how hard it gets.

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