Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vicious cycle

I am suffering symptoms of overactive thyroid and adrenals as well as low levels of the essential mineral chromium, which was measured at 34% of ideal according to my last medical report. Chromium is vital for energy production, blood sugar balance and muscle contraction so it's obvious that a deficiency will hurt my running. Supplementing with chromium further stimulates the already overactive thyroid and adrenals, putting me in a Catch-22. The pill that I need to get my thyroid/adrenals in balance contains zinc, which inhibits chromium absorption. I have tried to reduce this pill but always end up overstimulated. There have been times when I have not needed to take chromium because the over-activity of the thyroid/adrenals overrides the chromium deficiency. When the chromium dependency appears, at first I can get by on small doses but if I overshoot the balance point, it could take days to recover. Then, a few weeks later, as the deficiency worsens, I will need more and more chromium to function at optimal levels. Thus, a dosage that worked 2 weeks earlier will not be enough. Eventually, the deficiency becomes so severe that it overrides that thyroid/adrenal issues, forcing me to stop taking the pill that I need for that. Leaving that area untreated will cause the thyroid/adrenals to shift into over drive and the imbalance in that area becomes so severe that it will override the chromium deficiency, forcing me to stop taking chromium. That's exactly what happened in February-March and realistically, I cannot expect any different in May-June. The only thing that can break this cycle is an act of God and believe it or not, I have had some feelings of reassurance this weekend despite the bad workouts.

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