Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Copper Toxicity Revisited

Let's go back to 2013 for now.  Here's where I was 12 months ago:
Taking the mega dose of Thym-Adren yielded nearly the full DV of copper and on its own, caused intolerable fatigue but if I didn't take it, my thyroid and adrenal rate would go into the stratosphere.  Fortunately, I found a fix.  EXACTLY 500 mg. of extra Vitamin C.  NEITHER MORE, NEITHER LESS.  Even a single extra dose, taken just ONCE would upset the fragile equilibrium.  That meant that METRX protein bars were on the forbidden list because they contained too much copper.  A bottle of OJ or other drinks with more than 100% DV of Vitamin C were also off limits.

Eventually, the chemical sensitivity became so severe that my system began to reject the very pills necessary to get into balance but I still had to adjust the C dose for the chemical sensitivity.  In my last half marathon in West Virginia last November, I had to reduce the Thym-Adren to the point in which I was only getting 60% DV of copper.  I was forced adjust the Vitamin C dosage by breaking open the capsule and taking approximately 300 mg.  I finished that race in a respectable time of 1:35:50 on limited training.  If I had taken the full 500 mg or an extra Thym-Adren pill, I would have struggled just to finish.

Thanks to the detox, I am no longer in this position.  YES, I am better off than I was 12 months ago despite the fact that my overall training record does not yet reflect it.  The source of my current issues is that the copper, which had been stuck in my liver before the detox, has now been dumped into my bloodstream and flooded my tissues and thus must be eliminated.  Most fast oxidizers are actually low in copper but my history of adrenal fatigue is likely the reason for the toxicity.  I showed signs of chemical sensitivity as far back as college.

Zinc and Vitamin C are 2 strong copper antagonists so I thought they would be helpful in reducing the excess.  Zinc never has worked well for me for reasons that I cannot fully explain.  I do know that it raises potassium, which is already high on my report and lowers chromium, which is always low.  Since the detox, Vitamin C has no longer worked well either.  I read an article from Dr. Wilson, which stated that Vitamin C can remove copper from the liver and dump it into the bloodstream, which is exactly what I do NOT need now.  So, why did it work so well before?  I'm not entirely sure so don't rely on this but perhaps it let just enough out of my liver to reach the other tissues.  It had read low on previous hair tests (usually 1.5ish) so if not for the C, it may have been closer to 1.0, which would have been a serious problem at the other end of the scale in the Zn/Cu ratio.  Selenium worked well for a few days then made me sick.  Manganese was trouble from the get go.

What I need now is not something that will release copper from the liver because I've already accomplished that with the detox.  Rather, I need something that will reduce its content in the tissues by binding to it.  Based on my research, the perfect solution is Molybdenum, which is supposedly very effective for that purpose.  I must be careful with it because too much can be toxic.  In theory, when used judiciously, it will work like a charm but will my system accept it?  If not, today's workout proved that I am not screwed if it doesn't work.  I'll have to stay on the modulator and my numbers likely won't change much.  As of now, my imbalances would be classified as "moderate" NOT severe.  If I stay on the modulator, my times will likely stabilize around 5:40/20/42/1:34ish.  That's certainly still respectable and I could still enjoy competing and traveling for destination races but it is disheartening to see myself regress by more than 20 ticks per mile across the board in such a short time.  The above times would be expected around age 43, not at 33.

The last question:  If my system does accept the Molybdenum and it is as effective as advertised, what happens then?  Will I finally live up to my potential in all areas of life or will another imbalance pop up?  If the answer is B, I vow to keep fighting but I will be greatly displeased.


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