Monday, April 14, 2014

Molydenum Reviews. (lowering copper w/ history of adrenal fatigue)

Here's where I stand without taking action to reduce the toxic copper levels:
  I am fighting a 2 front war again.  Perhaps the hair test should list the sodium or potassium/copper level as well as the zinc/copper.  In short, when the fast oxidation dominates, I don't feel any effects of the copper toxicity but will be very over-stimulated and anxious.  When the copper toxicity dominates, fatigue sets in and I actually feel worse despite the fact that my oxidation rate is trending toward balance.  Also, it seems that the Thym-Adren, which I need to balance my oxidation rate, has the effect of increasing copper retention in the tissues.  That's not confirmed but I strongly suspect it based on what's happening.

I may have small windows of time in which both imbalances cancel each other out and I can run well.  In fact, my recent sub-20 5K was done in that state.  However, those days are rare and my performances are very unpredictable and inconsistent.  I could be content with being a 1:35 or even a 1:40 half marathoner if I could do it consistently.  Sure, it's disheartening to regress but I could still enjoy the running community as well as travel to destination races.  However, when the modulator failed, that's out the window.  It's all or nothing now.  Either I will live up to my potential and be consistently sub-1:30 with a best below 1:25 or I will remain where I am and eventually settle for being a casual jogger.

How did I get to this point?
I have a history of adrenal fatigue, which progressed to Stage 3C.  I had a 1.4 Na/K ratio and severely low neurotransmitter adrenaline levels.  I did not do a saliva cortisol test until I recovered but I'm sure it would have been bad if I did it at my lowest point.  Thanks to the hair and neurotransmitter protocol, I escaped adrenal fatigue in 2008 but it left lasting damage.  Poor adrenal function puts tremendous stress on the liver and kidneys.  Is it linked to chemical sensitivity?  HELL YEAH!  The liver is the central processing unit for nutrients and patients with adrenal fatigue usually see depleted levels of ceruloplasmin, a key liver protein responsible for carrying copper.  Despite the fact that my adrenal function leaped into overdrive, my liver remained in very bad shape.  I believe that copper read low on my hair test because it was stuck in my liver and did not reach the tissues.  After the Hulda Clark liver cleanse in December 2013, the excess copper was freed from the liver and dumped into the bloodstream and thus spilled into the tissues.

 The Thym-Adren plus the Cal/Mag thus far has not been effective at lowering the copper so I went with molybdenum, which is intended to lower excess copper by binding to it in the cells.  I ordered 2 products: Moly-Cu from EndoMet, which contains just 100 mcg of molybdenum along with black radish and kelp.
I also ordered a plain molybdenum at 500 mcg from Douglas Labs and vowed to try both.

The Moly-Cu arrived first after a so-so workout on Thursday (5@7:44).  I took 1 pill Thursday night and it didn't feel like a miracle but I did feel a slight increase in energy.  I responded the next morning with a 5:56 Mile then improved to 5:50 after an afternoon pill.  I followed that up with a quality long run (14@7:44).  You would expect that I would struggle the next day but I was stronger than I had been all week with a 5 miler at a comfortable 7:23 pace in warm and sunny conditions.  This is a winner.

Plain moly:
I took 1 pill Monday morning.  Sometimes when I experiment,  I get an immediate negative reaction.  That did not happen here but I did feel a bit too stimulated.  I tried a 3 mile tempo and was out pretty well for the first 2 minutes but the over-stimulation set in before the half mile mark.  That told me enough and I just jogged another 2 miles.  I was slightly worse in the afternoon.  This is a NO for me but it may be effective for slow oxidizers or those with extreme high copper levels.

6 Thym-Adren, 1 Cal, 750 mg. Mag, 2 Moly-Cu.
All or nothing!
In order to confirm all of this, I intend to do a serum copper, plasma zinc and ceruloplasmin blood test

I don't think I can endorse this product after what happened on my next hair test.  It did lower the copper but spiked the sodium.

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