Monday, May 12, 2014

Training 5/12-5/18 (race week)

5/12- Continued steady progress.  Fast finish 5 miler at Gold's in 37:23 (7:29 pace).  Came through 4 in 30:31, a steady 7:38 pace with moderate effort.  I was hoping to finish with a sub-7:05, which was my time for my 3rd interval yesterday.  I soundly beat the target with a 6:52.  In top form, I can come through 4 @ 7:30 with ease then close with a sub-6.  Still a ways to go but when I'm coming off being sick, it's often steady progress followed by a breakthrough, which I hope will come by Wednesday.  Still hoping for a good showing on Sunday.  3 days from now, I will be in Bangor, Maine ready to cross the border.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.5

5/13- Laid back sprint session at Vestavia. 1 mile warm in 7:05.  Don't think I can hold that for 13 but I think I can go 7:15-7:20 and I'm not fully over the sinus infection.  5x200 with generous rest (34-33-33-33-32). 6x100 naked in which I decided to simply "stride it".  Half mile cool at a glacial pace.  Nothing special but I wasn't expecting it either.  I'd be hard pressed to break 65 in an all out 400 right now.  Another fast finish run is planned tomorrow.  Rain is in the forecast so it will likely be at Gold's.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=2.5

5/14- Gold's 5 with no fast finish.  Still a trace of congestion but that was not the problem.  I was sluggish from the get go and nearly bailed after 3 miles.  I managed to stick it out and finish without the pace going over 8 minutes.  Time was 39:11 (7:50 pace) with a mild fade but fairly steady pace.  I upped the Mag back to 750, which is what I should have been taking all along.  Thym-Adren will be cut to 4 pills, which was actually expected.  My projected tissue Na level is now 48 and edging closer to the target of 30.  When that happens, I expect to be on 3 pills, maybe even 2.  I expect that my tissue K is just north of 15 (10 is target)
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=5.0

5/15- Travel day and planned rest.  Flight to Bangor, Maine via La Guardia.  Border crossing will be tomorrow morning.  I am unsure of my computer access on my trip so I may not post again until I return to Birmingham.

5/16- Long drive from Bangor through rural Maine and New Brunswick into Prince Edward Island.  No time to run

5/17- AM- Junk run on the boardwalk in Charlottetown.
PM- Drive into Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Estimated 2 mile junk run through Commons Park. Felt fine.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=3.0

5/18- Debacle.  Broke the cardinal rule of nothing new on race morning.  Happy just to finish safely.  Time was around 1:43:30 (7:53 pace).  Whirlwind travel schedule didn't help either.
Grade:D+/3 credit/distance=14.0

Weekly summary:
I can live with this one too because it was my own stupid fault for taking too many Cal/Mag on race morning.
NO MORE LOSSES from now on.
Distance=30.0/ GPA= 15.2/7= 2.17
YTD; 632 miles.  Record: 8-11 with a 2.59 GPA

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