Monday, June 9, 2014

Training 6/9-6/15

6/9- SENSATIONAL!  6 miles in 41:54 (6:59 pace) and it felt EASY!  No pills again and the thymus has likely cleared.  Almost a carbon copy of yesterday except it was a mile further and I did not need a last 200 sprint to finish under 7:00 pace.  Once again, I will NOT BELIEVE I AM HEALED UNTIL A MEDICAL REPORT CONFIRMS IT! NO MORE HEARTBREAK!
Grade:A+/1 credit/distance=6.0

6/10- AM- COLLAPSE!  Of course, I knew it would happen but the relief was fun while it lasted.  Could not even break 7 minutes for ONE mile.  Took some Cal/Mag and got worse.  The internal debate is over.  I need that adrenal glandular at least temporarily.  The results will come in 2-3 weeks.

PM- After taking the Cal/Mag, I doubt I could have broken 9 for a mile.  Then, I popped the adrenal glandular and guess what?  I was fine in my standard issue run.  5 miles in 37:09 (7:26 pace).  Solid performance.  If I have not flipped to slow oxidation, a crash is inevitable.  Another possibility is that I will flip back and forth for a year or so but will be fine eventually.  Regular testing is the key to catching it early.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.5

6/11- Downhill. Lakeshore 5 with the Gnomes in 38:47 (7:45 pace).  Pills were not strong enough.  I need the full strength Endodren.

PM- Took 2 of the full strength Endodren and once again, I got better.  Junk run on Wisteria in 14:02 (7:01 pace) with the down leg in 6:52 and the up leg in 7:10.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=7.5

6/12- AM.  On full strength Endodren (3 pills), I managed a 5:46.9 in the Spain Park Mile (86-89-88-83).  That's a modest 9 seconds better than last week but it is a new best time of the year.  Let's keep chipping away at the PR.  I want to see a sub-5:40 next week and be around 5:30 by the 4th of July.

PM- Downward ladder.  1200-1000-800-600-400.  R was 3 min after the 1200, 2:30 after the 1000 then 2:00 thereafter.  I was shooting for an overall 6:00 pace and was able to manage that.  Splits were 4:37-3:49-2:58-2:09-75.  Overall pace was 5:56 for 2.5 miles worth of intervals.  Added a warm and cool.  Energy is clearly moving in the right direction but for how long?  I will NOT take more than 3 Endodren even if it does give me a boost.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=5.0

6/13- Planned rest day.  I may just do a few strides just to see how I feel.  I am in good position to win this week.

6/14- I feel like the Cal/Mag did stiffen me up a bit but it was not an extreme reaction.  Still, I'm going off it for the next week or so.  It cleared by the morning and I was STRONG.  11 miles in 79:26 (7:13 pace).  I ran with the slow group and pretty much did my own thing.  It was not quite as good as the time indicates because I was very liberal with the water and Gatorade stops on a warm and sunny day.  More good news is that my body has NOT demanded more than 3 Endodren.  I wasn't half bad when I woke up and I don't think that dropping down to 2 pills would be a radical change.  I've clinched a win this week.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=11.0

6/15- AM.  1 mile on South Lakeshore at "standard effort" without any pills in a time of 7:45.  Encouraging that I was able to break 8 without pills.  That's a good sign.  In the recent past, I would have been over 9 without pills even when I was doing well on pills.  Let's get this under 7:00.

PM- Gold's 5 in 35:05 (7:01 pace).  Returned to the form I had last weekend.  I had to take 3 Endodren to do it but so what?  I know this pace is too fast for an easy day and really did try to restrain myself but it just didn't happen.  I could have turned in a sub-7 easily but did not sprint the last lap.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
Same distance as last week and chalked up a 2nd straight win.  I'm comfortable staying on the Endodren only until the medical report and may add a little more zinc just to see what happens.
Distance=42.0/ GPA= 28.3/8= 3.54
YTD: 774 miles.  Record: 10-13 with a 2.64 GPA

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