Saturday, June 7, 2014

Possible Prognosis

Okay.  It's happened again.  I've been forced off the Thym-Adren.  This time, I am more apprehensive than excited.  One day, I needed 3 Thym-Adren pills or else then the next day, I could not tolerate any.  In the past, my system's rejection of a necessary pill could be traced to malabsorption issues or copper toxicity.  I don't believe that either scenario is true this time around.  Why?

#1- I just did the liver cleanse and STILL cannot take the Thym-Adren
#2- I have not taken any copper in the last 4 days and still remain symptomatic of slow oxidation.  Also, the molybdenum is no longer working.
#3- Tried Fructosin as well as another enzyme supplement.  Before the detox, it was a life saver when I was severely Mag deficient and poison after I corrected it.  Now, it's had NO effect at all.  I still cannot take the Thym-Adren and even the Cal/Mag is causing a bit of stiffness in my muscles.
#4- Tried Endodren (adrenal stimulator) and got better
#5- I will try the Thymus alone but see little chance of anything but a negative reaction.

The signs certainly do point to slow oxidation but of course there is always the possibility that something else is wrong and my oxidation rate remains fast.  One point in my favor is that I had been consistent with BOTH the magnesium and Thym-Adren for 5 months and taken together, may have done the trick.  Upwards of 80% of adults are slow oxidizers and the usual treatment is Magnesium + adrenal support (not suppression).  If I do fall into that category now (I'll know in 3 weeks), it will be a simple fix.  I will simply take the Cal/Mag with a gentle adrenal glandular (Cytozyme-AD) with no synergistic nutrients that may upset the copper balance.  I expect to eventually get off that stuff and hope to get by on the Cal/Mag alone.

I have never been in balance.  Even when I was running my best, my Magnesium levels were very low.  If I had taken the Mag in the days leading up to my best races, I would have seen a 1:26 in Austin and a 1:28 in Los Angeles.  I can get back to that level of fitness but once again, I'd be fine with being a consistent 1:35 performer.  KEY WORD is CONSISTENT!  By the time I realized that the Paramin + Thym-Adren wasn't cutting it regarding the low Mag, it was too late.  The chemical sensitivity had progressed to the point in which I could process only a small number of pills.

One last point that I want to make is a confession.  Ever since high school, I have used running to gain the approval of others with mixed results.  That has been a false responsibility.  I've met a lot of good people in the Birmingham Track Club but to be honest, only 5-10 would have anything to do with me if I could not run anymore.  If I get a book deal out of this, I expect my sales will come primarily from Christians and those interested in alternative medicine, not so much from runners.  The best people in my life are my family and my Bible study group.  I'd be curious as to who reads my blog but I'm betting that serious runners are in the minority.  Rather it is those with a history of chronic fatigue and/or Facebook friends who became interested when clicking on my links.

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