Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 review

Not really looking forward to writing this post but here it is.
Last year's stats:
17-33 with a 2.47 GPA and 1,754 miles
This year's stats:
22-28 with a 2.60 GPA and 1,758 miles.
   It's an improvement but it's like an NFL team going from 4-12 to 5-11.  If this does not turn around within the next few months, I'll declare myself semi-retired.  I'll still run but only when I feel like it and my racing will be limited to low-key local events but this blog will continue for at least the next 3 months.

-set an unofficial PR for 5K in training with a 19:09 on a magical day in September.
-course PR at Peachtree in Atlanta (41:54). My 3rd time racing this course and this was my best time by more than 30 seconds.
-Picked up 2 more states in the 10K (Tennessee and Kentucky) and now have just 1 to go.
-Picked up 3 more states in the half marathon (Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma) plus my first international race in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I have 4 states to go and am committed to finishing this goal in 2016 even if it is as a casual jogger.

I was just a few days short of quitting at the end of last year when I was headed towards complete intolerance to my supplements before I learned of the Hulda Clark liver cleanse.  I opened the year with 2 impressive wins but injured my hip and was down for the better part of the next 3 weeks.

Returned just in time to participate at Mercedes.  I opted for the 5K, where I took advantage of soft competition to score an age group award then ran a leg of the marathon relay.  The liver cleanse removed a lot of toxic copper from my liver but it leaked into my tissues and forced me to turn to an adrenal glandular temporarily.

Began building some momentum when I was able to switch back to the Thym-Adren but became intolerant to copper and turned to molybdenum, which was successful for a short time.

Traveled to Roanoke, Virginia for the Blue Ridge half marathon (America's Toughest road course).  Time was not important on such a course but my performance was decent and it was a good trip overall.

I was hoping to build on my performance at Roanoke towards my goal race in Nova Scotia but it was not to be.  Again, it was good and enjoyable trip but my extreme sensitivity ruined my race and I limped in with a 1:43.  Shortly thereafter, the molybdenum stopped working and I was again intolerant to copper.

Hair test revealed the the tissue copper had normalized but cadmium toxicity flared up.  Again, I was forced to take the adrenal glandular temporarily.

Peachtree 10K in a CR.  Blood test showed normal copper but a very low ceruloplasmin and high unbound copper.  The rest of the year would be dedicated to solving that issue.

Extreme sensitivity to Cal/Mag and had my worst race ever at the Franklin Classic 10K (49:30).  Adding taurine reduced my sensitivity to Cal/Mag and reduced my toxic copper but did little for my low ceruloplasmin.

Tried a liver glandular supplement, which was initially helpful and allowed for perhaps my best race of the season.  I ran a 41:28 on a hilly course in Bowling Green Kentucky but soon after had to quit the liver pill.  The good news was that ceruloplasmin had begun to rise.

First sub-95 half marathon since January '13 in Indianapolis and reached the 20 mark in states but it was a downer 3 weeks later in Tulsa (1:37).  Ceruloplasmin continued to rise but feel worse overall.

Pretty much shut it down as my energy was shot for most of this month.  Perhaps with normal liver function, the adrenal balance will work smoothly and I will be able to maintain my ceruloplasmin level without liver pills.  I won't know where I stand as far as adrenal function for another few weeks. I am hoping for slow oxidation, NOT toxic metals.

Tentative 2015 racing schedule:
February 28- Phoenix half marathon (state #22)
March/April- A Kentucky half.  Depending on family obligations, it will be in either Lexington in March or Louisville in April. (state #23)
October- Greenville, South Carolina half (state #24)
November- Texarkana 10K, which will be my 10th and last 10K state.

I want State #25 to be special so I'll save it for 2016.  It will be in Anchorage, Alaska, which is somewhere that I would go regardless of my running status.

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