Sunday, December 21, 2014

Training 12/22-12/31

I have little to gain at the point with a win in the final week so I'm sticking with the liver pill in an effort to normalize my ceruloplasmin.  Garbage paced runs will probably be all that I will be able to do but I should have enough strength to beat last year's mileage total.  I need 22 to tie and 23 to beat it.

  The test will be done on the morning of 12/31.  A score of 25 or higher may be too much to ask 3 weeks after a 21.1 but I do think a 23.8 or better (within the 5% error) is likely given how aggressive I have been.  After that point, it my sincere and realistic hope that I will be done with the liver pills forever and I can maintain the Cp at or near the edge of the healthy range.  If not, I could live with simply taking it once per week for maintenance.  As for the adrenals, I won't know for sure until I get the hair test results back, which may not be until the middle of next month.  I will NOT BE AT ALL WORRIED IF THEY ARE TANKED.  I am a natural fast oxidizer and I KNOW that I can restore that simply by staying off the liver pills with their copper, Vitamin A and choline.  I'll just take a modulator plus magnesium for maintenance.  I will declare victory given that scenario.  If I am still a fast oxidizer and there is another reason for my current symptoms such as toxic metals, I'm in BIG trouble and I will probably retire if it doesn't turn around soon.

12/22- AM.  1 mile in 9:30 but learned quite a bit.  First half mile without the Endodren was a 5:04 then improved to a 4:26 after popping 1 pill.  If I remain on the liver without adrenal support, I CANNOT break 10 minutes for 1 mile.  With adrenal support, I will be somewhat better.

PM- Gold's 5 mile in 48:53 (9:47 pace).  Strangely, I am really NOT too depressed lately even though my running is arguably the worst it's ever been the last 2 weeks.  No doubt that the increased ceruloplasmin has radically altered my chemistry.  Only 8 more days on the liver pill and improvement should be strong and steady thereafter.  Need to knock out 17 more miles this year.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=6.0

12/23- AM 2 miles in 16:42 (8:21 pace).  Continued improvement with adrenal support.  I'll go backwards from here after I take the liver for the day.  15 miles to go.  I should get it done in 3 sessions.

PM- Laughably bad again.  Did not even take a liver pill but did take Mag, which also slows the adrenals and took no more adrenal glandular.  Gold's 5 in 49:40 (9:56 pace) and had to rally in the last mile just to stay under 10.  I need only 9 miles to tie last year and 10 to beat it.  3 more sessions ought to do it then I will shut it down.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=7.0

12/24- Planned rest day.  I've accepted that I will not see any improvement until I get off the liver.

12/25- Planned rest day.  Only 5 days to go.

12/26- 3 miles untimed at garbage pace but I am 3 miles closer to the goal.  Need 6 to tie and I hope to put a cap on this year over the weekend.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=3.0

12/27- AM-3 miles in 31:27 (10:29 pace).  3 more garbage miles to go.  I will continue to get worse on the liver.  Only 3 more days to go.

PM- Got through another 3 miles and this time I did not even take my watch.  I have just tied my mileage total from last year and will break it on the 31st.  I cannot hold on any longer with the liver pill.  I have got to quit taking it on Monday instead of Wednesday so I can end the year on the upswing.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=6.0

12/28- Planned rest day.  Test is tomorrow.  No matter what the result, I'm not taking the liver pill more than once per week. I will take my last liver pill as soon as I wake up in the morning.

12/29- Planned rest day.  Took the last liver pill this morning and I cannot stand it another day.  I may get the test results on the 31st.  It doesn't even feel like living today, just existing.  I expect to be marginally better tomorrow.

12/30- AM First day off the liver.  Did not expect or even want a sudden overnight turnaround.  Rather, I want to see a slow and steady climb out of this hole.  That said, I do feel better than expected this morning and though it is a planned rest day, I may run a couple easy after work.

PM- 3 miles at Gold's and my time is down to 25:53 (8:38 pace).  I'll take it.  Slow and steady.  I'm hoping for a sub-8 Mile tomorrow morning.  I have passed my mileage total from last year.
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=3.0

12/31- Closed out the year with a HARD mile in 7:06.5.  Splits were 2:21-2:25-2:20.  This might sound strange but I am actually concerned that my progress has been too quick.  The last thing I want is to be sub-6 tomorrow then over 9 again by the end of the week.  Glad this year is over!
Grade;D+/1 credit/distance=1.0

Weekly summary:
It's over.
Distance=26.0/ GPA= 5.6/5= 1.12
Final stats:
22 wins, 28 losses.  GPA= 2.60.  1,758 miles.

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