Monday, December 1, 2014

Zinc and copper sensitivity

As of now, it appears that I will have to rotate 3 key treatments:
1)      Thym-Adren (20:1 Zn/Cu ratio)
2)      ADHS (10:1 Zn/Cu ratio)
3)      Liver glandular (unknown ratio but favors copper)

Here’s how the cycle goes:
Start out on Thym-Adren, which does have a small amount of defatted liver tissue and may support a slight rise in ceruloplasmin.  Unbound copper and total copper will fall especially if I take taurine.  I posted earlier that a Cp value around 20 is acceptable but I no longer believe that.  A Cp value of 20 means that only 60 units of copper are bound (20*3) so as the unbound copper falls, the total copper will slip below the healthy range (80-100).  Indeed I have had symptoms of deficiency when my total copper falls under 80.  Ideally, Cp should be no less than 25 (75 units of bound copper) and Thym-Adren won’t get me there.

I made a critical error in supposing that I could skip the ADHS and go directly to the liver glandular. By the time I realized it, I was already on the road with the key pill back home and endured a whole week of feeble attempts to run.  Apparently, my Zn/Cu ratio must be very high (at least above 1.3) before my system can accept the liver glandular.  It’s too bad that I need the ADHS because I don’t see its purpose.  It’s less effective in fighting fast oxidation; it slows the process but does not prevent excess Zn/Cu.  Lastly, its effect on ceruloplasmin is neutral at best as it contains no glandular material.  However, it will allow me to function at a high level for a couple weeks before I can tolerate the liver glandular.
Things get even more complicated when it comes to the liver glandular.  Taurine is not strong enough.  I need glutathione to tolerate it but cannot tolerate glutathione when I am off the liver glandular.  Also, I need low dose Thym-Adren, not ADHS when on it.  The end result is that it will raise both the bound and unbound copper very quickly and within 2 weeks, I’ll be forced back on the Thym-Adren and the cycle repeats itself.
Note:  I absolutely CANNOT take zinc or copper alone to balance the ratio! 

Possible solution:
This extreme sensitivity to zinc and copper is ridiculous.  Taurine has been great for Cal/Mag issues but has done little for the zinc/copper.  The only other option that I can think of is another sulfur containing amino acid called cysteine, which is recommended by Dr. Wilson.  Vitamin C worked well before the detox because my copper had been too high.  It is no longer good for me because it lowers both bound and unbound copper thus contributing to my deficiency.    I know that glutathione and taurine cannot be taken together.  What about taurine and cysteine?  I won’t know until I try.  Will cysteine allow me to take Thym-Adren again?  For the LAST time, I must be extra disciplined in avoiding sugars.  I tend to cheat on my bad days figuring that since I’m already messed up, it doesn’t matter.  That’s wrong and needs to stop.
 UPDATE:  Immediate negative reaction to cysteine.  It's got to be taurine and the above rotation.
I intend on getting tested again in about 2 weeks or just about when I go back to the liver glandular.  My ceruloplasmin was 19.9 on my last test.  If it’s on the plus side of 20 next time around or even in the high 19s, I still believe I have a chance because I know that 2 weeks on the liver glandular will pull it up to the 21s.   If it drops back to the 18 range, I’m afraid I’m doomed and 20 is as high as it can go.  I’ve not had a hair test in 5 months and plan to send that in before the end of the year as well.  My last hair test looked horrible because I was eliminating cadmium.  It should look better now.  How much?  I don’t know.

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