Thursday, April 16, 2015

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I did the initial consultation on Monday.  I liked him well enough.  He listens but it's difficult to get a simple straight answer to a question.  That may be because no simple answer exists.  There are thousands of genes out there that can affect your health and many of them interact with each other.  He says that he has experience with lots of complex cases including advanced cases of cancer treated without chemo.  He said that only 25% of genetic defects cannot be resolved but 75% can.  I'll take a 75% improvement.  I am expecting to receive a recording of our initial consult and a brief reply to an e-mail.  If I don't receive that, I'm saving the $250 and will try to fight this on my own.

Right now, my most pressing concern is the CBS mutation, which impacts the trans-sulfur pathway and defects will cause a buildup of toxic ammonia.  This defect must be addressed first before any MTHFR action can be taken.

-I need to change my breakfast and cut out the normal protein bar because it can cause more sulfur buildup.
-I must strictly avoid any sulfur containing products such as taurine and glutathione.
-I will continue with Yasko's nucleotide product and have ordered another product for both CBS and NOS.
-NOS mutations make CBS issues worse and my NOS issue is worse than the CBS.
-I also have GAD mutations, which suggest that I NEED taurine.  THAT is at least one of the reasons why it has been magic some times and poison at other times.
-I've had to switch from Thym-Adren back to ADHS and endured 4 HORRIBLE days while I waited for it to arrive.  Thym-Adren contains garlic, which is also on the forbidden list.
-The ADHS contains more manganese, which may be good for the SOD mutation
-I'm giving this plan until the end of May.

I've repeated this over and over but symptoms often have nothing to do with your attitude or even your external circumstances.  It's all about your chemistry.  The only thing that could potentially work for me is Wellbutrin, an MAO inhibitor.  I do have the MAO mutation so yes, it may help but it's highly unlikely that it's the key to success.  At the end of the day, I still have a myriad of other imbalances that an MAO inhibitor can't help and there is a possibility of nasty side effects.  I'll consider it in June but would really prefer not to go down that road.

At this point, I really don't care about racing.  I just want to solve this awful instability.  I'm semi-retired with just 3 races left on the must do list.  I remain determined to finish the 10K and Half marathon challenge.  My last scheduled race is not until the end of October in Greenville, SC.  If it doesn't work out, that will probably be my last race though I will continue to do some light running as tolerated.

4/15- 2 miles in 19:45 (9:53 pace).  B-2 FAILED.  The MAO defect makes this enzyme over-active, not under-active so the B-2 made that worse.

4/16- Slightly better.  Same 2 miler at Gold's and my time is down to 17:26 (8:43 pace).

4/17- AWFUL.  1 Mile in 8:34.  Even splits and no worse after taking the CBS nucleotide product.  The problem is the ADHS.  6 pills are too many.  Why?  It's a modulator.  I should be able to take as much as I want.  It could be detox or being in balance makes me feel worse because of the mitochondrial and ATP issues are messed up.

4/18- Cut the ADHS from 6 pills to 4 and did improve as a result.  I felt AWFUL without the ADHS so I know I still need it but 4 is still too much.  Finished 3 miles in 24:55 (8:19 pace).  Pace remained in the 8:20 range all the way and rallied in the last 2 laps to get under 25.  I should be a bit better on 3 pills and I expect the CBS/NOS pills will arrive by Monday.  Good news was that my heart rate was a bit higher today

4/19- Why should I even try anymore?  Woke up feeling awful so I took the ADHS and it took me too far in the opposite direction.  Then, I took the All in One.
Result:  Cutting the ADHS from 4 pills to 3 helped a bit but it was not a significant improvement.  Came through 1 Mile in 7:43 and likely would have been near 24 for 3 miles.  Stopped for water and a 2nd All In One pill and the over stimulation kicked in HARD.  Got through Mile 2 in 7:38 then popped a 4th ADHS and improved to 7:15.  Seems like I'm improving right?  Wrong.  Took 2 more ADHS and got worse again.

Weekly total: 11 miles.

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