Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly summary (3/30-4/5)

Finished with 26 miles on the week, which I believe is my highest total since Arizona.  I have a bit clearer picture of my DNA results now and some idea of what to do about the supplements.  A few comments about my training this week:
- Managed to finish just 3 of my planned workouts but they were pretty decent.
- Lakeshore 5 in 37:08 (7:26 pace) and finished with a pulse rate of only 120.
- 5 K time trial in 21:27 (6:55 pace)
I'm resetting my PRs so I'll count that 5K.

I had no days in which I could not finish a single mile under 9 but 3 of my workouts sucked pretty bad.  I showed up at 2 groups runs and embarrassed myself both times.
Wednesday: Could not finish the 3 Mile Trak Shak loop.  Ended the workout after 2 miles in 16:50 followed by the walk of shame.
Saturday: Crashed 3 miles into a planned 8-10 with a group in which I felt pretty good for the first 2.
Turned around and managed to salvage 4 @ sub-8.

Reactions to supplements:

-Thym-Adren- Continuing to trend down.  Now feel best on 3-4 pills and if I take an extra one, I'll notice the ill-effects but it will not be debilitating.  That might make some sense.  If my downward trend projection is correct, my tissue sodium is down to the upper 30s.  Assuming that my magnesium is still good, that's a pretty good balance.  Why don't I feel good?  It's got to be the methylation/mutations or toxic metals.

Ribose- This is good stuff.  It's intended to fix damaged DNA and I often feel a bit better after taking it.  I just put a spoonful in my drink and don't even taste it.

All in One- Still on 1 of those pills.  Neither more nor less and am afraid to try any more.  I have to take it in the morning because it will wear off at night.  If I take it in the evening, it will wear off before work is over.

Methyl Folate- My tolerance has improved to 200 mcg and I've ordered some more.  We shall see if I can tolerate it.

Zinc/Copper- Again, tolerance has improved and if I take the liver more often, it may improve my tolerance to taurine.

Review of the mutations:
-Single homozygous on MTHFR
-Compound hetero on CBS, COMT and VDR
-Homo on MTRR
-Double homo on SOD, NOS, NDUFS

The word on the street is that CBS must be addressed first.  I think I am making progress there.  Zinc and copper may have allowed me to tolerate small amounts of taurine.  I tried Orinthine (sp?) which didn't work but maybe I went too fast and would have been okay on half a pill.  I'll explain later.

COMT- Need B-12, specifically the hydroxy version.  Methyl B-12 won't work and Cyano will be ineffective.  The complication is that I must go VERY slowly.  I opened with 2 of those on the first day (Wednesday) and as I've said, I was AWFUL.  I took it down to a half pill the next day and was MUCH better but once again, a WHOLE pill was too much.

VDR- Not worried about that at all.  I'm taking D-3 with my Cal/Mag already with good results.

MTHFR- Jury is out on this one.  The new 5-MTHFR folate will arrive next week.  We'll see how well I can tolerate it.

MTRR-  This one may very well be my biggest thorn.  According to this, I NEED methyl B12 yet I cannot tolerate it.  Perhaps that will change after I fix the COMT.

SOD- Same song as the COMT.  I had a bad reaction to the SOD supplement but again, it seems that if I cut up the pill into halves, I'll be okay.

NOS- Not sure what to do on this but the word is that it makes the CBS worse.  That makes sense.

NDUFS- This mutation weakens the mitochondrial function and ATP production.  Perhaps the fast oxidation was compensation for this weakness.  Based on my latest half mary, the 5@7:26 should have been an all out effort but my pulse rate was just 120 (65% of my max).  That means that it was nothing more than an easy GA run. So, again and again and again I say, my workouts were NOT too fast.  My race times were weak in comparison to my training because I just could not access the top gear in a race.

Next week's plan:
I want to see if I can tolerate Orinthine, more MTHFR, a small amount of NADH for the NDUFS.  Lastly, I will try to bump up my All in One, which could very well allow me to tolerate more of the other stuff.  I want to see how it works before I talk to the health coach.

The training log posts are still on hiatus but I expect to resume that soon.

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