Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Training 4/6-4/12

The training posts will resume but I am not grading anything until further notice.

4/6- Unplanned rest day.  Bad reaction to the SOD supplement.  This doesn't mean that I don't need to support it.  I likely need it with manganese and without glutathione.

4/7- AM- Spain Park Mile on a whole B-12 pill.  Finished in 6:13 running all out but my pulse rate was only 136, which is a full 50 points below the max.  Until I get that max up, I don't expect significant improvement.  Splits were 90-93-99-91.  I let up some in the 3rd lap because I knew I'd be over 6 but rallied in the last 200 to secure the sub-6:15.

The good news is that I don't think the whole B-12 hurt me at all.  After this one, I was more daring by taking a 2nd All In One.  I managed a 2:58 for an 800 so I don't think that hurt me either.  That is excellent news!  Before I started the B-12, I could not tolerate 1.5 All in One.  This should really help my detox and sensitivity issues.

PM- Canterbury loop.  Garmin time was 29:48 for 4 miles (7:27 pace) plus another half mile at roughly the same pace.  I had to cut it short by 0.5 miles because of an "extreme emergency" that's got to be a detox reaction.  Good day overall.
Distance= 6.5

4/8- Step backward but that's okay.  I was fine on 2 All in One pills yesterday but had a bit of a negative reaction to a 3rd one.  I'm going to stay with 1 of those but I am pleased that I was able to handle more without a complete collapse.  Today was Trak Shak day.  Finished the 3.5 mile loop in a time of 27:02 (7:43 pace) with very even splits.  It seems like B12 will protect against too much All in One.  Will All in One protect against too much B-12?  I intend to find out this weekend.
I've read again that CBS must be addressed first.  I'll continue with occasional Liver and picked up some Yucca.  I know that I can't take orinthine or arginine because of the NOS mutation.  My best hope may be Yasko's Ammonia RNA but I want to talk to the Health Coach first because it costs $85.  I don't expect that the 5-MTHFR will do much good yet but the NADH might.

4/9- Only slightly better than yesterday.  Gold's 3 in the morning.  Finished in 22:14 (7:25 pace) with a mild fade at the end but did manage to keep it at 7:30.  Pulse was around 110 both yesterday and today, which is not even in the target range for an easy GA workout.
Yucca- Too much too soon.  Sluggish on a whole pill.  Half is probably okay.
NADH- Probably didn't hurt me but it was not the miracle that I hoped for.
5-MTHFR- Much too strong.  Need to avoid until I get the CBS fixed.

I have ordered the initial 10 minute intro consult with the Health Coach
-Probably should pull the trigger on the Ammonia RNA and take a chance on the $85.
-Urine still smells very strongly of sulfur and ammonia.

4/10- 2 miles at Gold's in 14:59 (7:30 pace).  Not a surprise that I was weak.  The 5-MTHFR has not cleared yet.  Strangely, I got off to a good start (7:11) but it was downhill from there and my last half mile was over 4.  I'm going to get up early tomorrow but unless I really feel good, I'm skipping the BTC social.

4/11- BAD DAY.  Unplanned rest day and had to skip the social.  Put a Yuck sign on the Yucca because it won't work.  This really upsets me because according to my genetics, it should work.  Thym-Adren contains garlic, which is a no-no if you have CBS.  I've got to switch to ADHS, which I could not tolerate earlier.  Now, I do think I can tolerate it.

-Ordered the anti-ammonia drops but am unsure if it will work.  Must stay off any excess methyl and garlic for the next 4 weeks.
-Initial phone consult with the health coach (Dr. John) is on Monday.

4/12- BAD,  1 mile junk run was all I could do.

Total= 16 miles.

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