Monday, April 20, 2015

Training 4/20-4/26

4/20- I feel a little better than yesterday now that I know that ADHS was NOT the culprit after all.  I still need more methyl donors to tolerate it.  The problem is Yasko's nucleotide product.  Yes, I was too aggressive with it but even at small doses, it was ineffective.  A new CBS+NOS product will arrive today.  This morning was another better with or without test with ADHS.
2 pills- 1/2 mile in 4:23
4 pills- 1/2 mile in 3:50
6 pills- 1/2 mile in 3:21

PM- The CBS/NOS supplement is a NO.  I did not even have to run to find out.  Is it the wrong treatment or is it a detox reaction?  If I had to guess, it's the latter.  I've had headaches and stinky poo after taking CBS products.  I also learned that I still can't tolerate the MTHFR supplement.  Workout was a half mile naked parking lot junk run.  I'll have to lay off it a while and re-introduce it at minute doses later in the week.

Other questions:
Will the additional All in One allow me to take Thym-Adren?  I could not take much ADHS without it but will it have the same impact on the Thym-Adren tolerance.

Do I take the full consult with the Health Coach for $250?  I still haven't gotten the recording or a reply to my e-mail.  If I don't get the customer service that I want, I can take my business elsewhere. I found a doctor online based in Nashville that is private and doesn't take insurance.  My first visit will cost about $300 plus gas and lodging.  I could just keep trying to figure it out on my own for $0 but I will likely to continue to waste money on supplements that don't work.

The only way to find out for sure if I need CBS treatment is to do a urine test for ammonia and taurine.  That will cost over $300 and I'll have to re-test again.  OUCH!  I am in okay financial shape but I really feel for patients who are too sick to work and cannot afford these tests.  I've donated in a few cases and will do it again.

4/21- AM- Hard fought 2 miles at Gold's in 15:19 (7:40 pace) and did manage fairly even splits (7:37-7:42) running nearly all out.  That's still BAAAUHD!

PM- Lakeshore 5 in 38:36 (7:43 pace).  I was determined to finish the 5 no matter what.  This is as good as you'll see out of me lately.  Faded in the 2nd half (19-19:36).  Never tired but no power at all.

4/22- Tempo.  Trak Shak 5 in 35:53 (7:11 pace).  Started strongly with a pair of 6:55s then faded to the 7:20 range but I was able to hold it there.  The difference on the day was the Liver Beef supp.  That stuff was poison for me before addressing methylation but it's the 2nd time in recent memory that I got a boost from it.  I need to take it more often.  I still need to see how the Thym-Adren works on 2 All in One and if I can tolerate a trace of the CBS/NOS.  A rare good day overall.

4/23- Added glutathione and tolerated it well.  That means that I could probably tolerate the SOD supplement.  I'll give that a try next week.  Workout today was a 5K indoors in 21:16 (6:49 pace).  11 seconds better than last time.  That's not significant but it's better than nothing.  Performance was about on par with yesterday overall.  Splits were 6:39-6:55-6:56-46.  Tried some Thym-Adren, which failed.  That's okay.  I can take the ADHS, which is better for the SOD anyway but may not be as effective for the fast oxidation.  I may try the liver without the zinc tomorrow.  Did a long cool to record a total of 4 miles on the day.

The Health Coach had his ASSISTANT e-mail me and it told me nothing.  Genes can interact with each other to cause sensitivity.  I already knew that.  For the time being, I'll save the $250 and try to figure this out myself.

4/24- Travel day to visit my parents.  Planned rest.

4/25- 3 mile trail run by the creek.  Finished in 21:54 (7:18 pace) which looks pretty solid on the surface but it was weak overall.  Started with a strong 14:09 split for 2 miles then slipped to 7:45 and had to rally for the sub-22 finish.  Took the liver with glutathione and no extra zinc before the run and was not pleased with the result so I popped a zinc afterwards and got worse.  I will be adding more liver for the time being.

4/26- 4 miles was all I had time for today but I showed improvement with a time of 28:20 (7:05 pace) and this time, I didn't die at the end.  I actually managed a slight negative split.  Lately, I've been getting out of breath early and the same thing happened today.  Perhaps I am getting my heart rate up, which is a good thing.

Totaled 25 miles on the week.

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