Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Training 2/15-2/21

As of 2/16 at 8:00 PM, I am re-committing to drinking nothing but water for the next 21 days.  No cheating no matter what happens.  I suspect that caffeine and beer are both impacting my sulfate intolerance.  I have a tendency to cheat when I relapse because I think: "I'm already messed up.  What difference will it make."  That stops.  No more excuses.  I'm not convinced that this is the answer but it can only help.  I am due for another hair test at the end of the month.  22 minerals will be tested but I am only concerned about the 2 that were in the red zone last time (Lithium and B-12),  Any improvement at all would be considered a victory.

2/15- Planned rest day.  That drive home in the rain was tough

2/16- Felt decent in the morning then took some methyl donors at lunch and it was downhill from there.  1 Mile on Wisteria in 9:17.  I expect to be back under the Mendoza line tomorrow.

2/17- Day 1.  Morning was rough but improved as the day progressed.  I had to urinate a lot and that could be a sign of detox.  Did better than expected today.  Lakeshore 3 in 22:17 (7:26 pace).  Splits were 11:05-11:12 so I held up pretty well.  Nothing to celebrate yet.

2/18- Day 2.  It was interesting to say the least.  Took the usual 1.5 B-12 and was sluggish so I went home for lunch and popped another half.  Got a surge of energy and it took me to the other side of the spectrum.  A HALF PILL TOOK ME FROM SLUGGISH TO OVERSTIMULATED!!  WHAT THE ----?  I have 3 options going forward:
1) Maintain the current plan and hope to find equilibrium at 2 pills.
2) Add a trace of methyls to reduce the sensitivity and risk sulfur intolerance
3) Screw it and quit the Lithium and B-12.  Back to Thym-Adren.
  I'd lean towards option 2.  We shall see what the lab tests say.
As for the workout, it was the Jemison-Mountain Brook loop.  I hoped to go 5 miles but settled for 4 to salvage the sub-8 overall.  Finished in 31:40 (7:55 pace).  1st half was 15:18 (uphill), 2nd half was 16:22 (downhill) and breathing was labored almost from the start.

2/19- Day 3.  Horrible.  Hoped to run a fast 3 mile at Gold's.  Called it quits after 1 Mile in 7:11, which doesn't sound too bad but the splits were 2:13-2:24-2:34.  I had slipped to 7:45 pace by the end of the Mile running all out.  Glutathione is NOT the answer and neither is TMG.  I've got to stick to the Lithium and B-12 plan until the end of the month and a 4th option has come up.  Add more Lithium.  We shall see how it works when I attempt the group run tomorrow.  In the past, I would have cheated for sure after a day like this but today, I'm staying strong.  I haven't checked my weight recently but I feel a bit less flabby in the midsection.

2/20- Day 4 and staying strong on the sugar restrictions.  Once I take 2 B-12 pills, my system screams for Lithium.  Much to my relief, I did get better after taking a 2nd Lithium pill and better after a 3rd.  I had to be cautious with it because I'm wary of mega doses.  I did attempt the group run but had to drop out after 3 miles in 28:44 (9:35 pace).  Is this my new starting point?

PM- Popped 2 more Lithium pills just to see what would happen and hit Gold's for another 3 miles.  Came in under the Mendoza line with a time of 23:51 (7:57 pace) with splits of 8:00-8:07-7:44.  Granted, this route was perfectly flat and the morning's was hilly but this was still a MASSIVE improvement (MINUS 1:38/mile) and it was ENTIRELY DUE TO THE 2 EXTRA PILLS.  I have no choice but to roll with the mega Lithium for the time being and need 2 B-12 pills for it to work.  What will happen tomorrow?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I will say that I have been on Lithium before (circa 2009-2010) and though I did not perform as well as '11 and '12, I was more stable.

2/21- Skipped the group run due to rain.  Ended up at Gold's.  Finished 4 miles in 31:20 (7:50 pace).  A modest improvement over yesterday but I was expecting better.  Yesterday, I was able to surge at the end.  Today, I faded.  1st half: 15:08, 2nd half: 16:12.  Odds are that I was overly aggressive with the Lithium and need to back it down.  I regret to say that I have cheated with caffeine today but there was a reason.  Caffeine depletes Lithium so I should feel better if I took an excess.  That DOES appear to be the case today but there was no afternoon session.
Distance= 4.0
  -19 miles on the week.

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