Monday, February 22, 2016

Training 2/22-2/28

2/22- AM, Reduced the Lithium dosage from 6 pills to 4 and improved to 21:58 for 3 miles (7:19 pace), Yesterday's 3 mile split was 23:13 so this is a MINUS 25.  Splits were 7:12-7:20-7:26, which is fairly typical for that distance.  Interesting observation: Dosage still felt a little high this morning but I seem to deplete it very quickly.  I may need to take a divided dose.  If I am significantly poorer in the evening session, I will know that's the case.    I could be VERY close to finding equilibrium.

PM- Not surprisingly, my energy began to fade by mid-afternoon.  Tried to run with no additional pills and struggled for a 7:45 opening mile while running nearly all out.  Popped 2 more Lithium pills and immediately improved to the 7:30 range.  Tacked on an additional 4 miles in 30:11 (7:33 pace) for an overall time of 37:56 for 5 miles.  Struggled a little on the back half but the pace never slipped beyond 7:40.  Reaction:  Divided doses of Lithium is a winner.  B-12 in divided doses with the Lithium may also be helpful.
Distance=8.0 (good start)

2/23- Gold's 3 in 23:30 (7:50 pace).  Extra B-12 was NOT the answer and the splits tell the tale (7:18-7:42-8:30).  Felt decent early but as the B-12 kicked in, I felt more and more sluggish.  Starting tomorrow, it is 1 B-12 with 3 Lithium in the morning and the same in the evening.  The Lithium dose may be cut down the road.  Let's hope this is finally the answer.

2/24- AM. 3 mile time trial at Gold's on 3 Lithium+ 1 B-12 and I will take the same thing before the evening session.  It worked this time.  Finished in 20:51 (6:57 pace), which is just 9 seconds shy of my post-35 PR and well within the range of variability.  Splits were 6:50-7:02-6:59.

UPDATE: I have ordered the hair test kit and am not expecting a huge improvement in my numbers given that I have only been on Lithium and B-12 for 4 weeks and only on mega doses for 10 days.  Still, any improvement AT ALL would be a big boost in confidence.  I think I can expect to see a lot more movement 2 months later.

PM- 4 miles in 29:52 (7:28 pace).  Moderate effort and an even pace all the way with plenty left at the end.  The current formula is working well but I will not be the least bit surprised if I have to reduce the Lithium dosage in the near-future.  I could have gone longer and harder this session but it's not wise to jump right back into serious training after a lost year.  The last thing I need right now is an injury.
Distance=7.0 (18 already this week)
I don't want the weekly total to be much above 30.

2/25- Planned rest day.  Lithium dosage needs to be reduced and I did not need to run to know it.  Tomorrow, it will be cut from 6 pills to 4 and it will be taken in divided doses.

2/26- A bit concerned now.  Cut the Lithium as planned and it still felt like it was too much.  Legs actually had some power but I tired easily.  Ran the first mile in 6:55 without really trying but I could feel the energy fading.  Just slow jogged 2 more but did finish with a tough uphill.  I will attempt the long run tomorrow and I am 0 for 3 on the year so far.
Distance= 3.0

2/27- Make it 0 for 4.  Collapsed after an opening mile in 7:55 then just slow jogged it back.  Mile 2 was 10:48 for an overall time of 18:43 (9:21 pace).  I wasn't going all out in Mile 2 but no, I could not have gone much faster.  This proves beyond doubt that the Lithium must be cut.  The evening dose will be 1 pill and who knows, I may be a little better.
If the Lithium is still not up to snuff on the hair test, I must re-consider amalgam removal.

PM- After the second dose of Lithium (only 1 pill), I went out to Vestavia for 1 Mile simply hoping for any improvement at all.  I got it with a 7:27 Mile with a relatively even pace (3:42-3:45).  I had some running left in me this time but I'm saving it for tomorrow.
Observation: I've noticed that I am sweating more and have a much stronger body odor than usual.  I showered at noon and was stinky again by 4 PM.  Hopefully, that's only temporary and probably a sign of detox.  2 key tests coming up:  The Lithium BETTER be up to snuff and the sulfates BETTER be under control as well.  Good news is that I did tolerate a little methyl today.

2/28- Lakeshore run on a beautiful morning.  Unfortunately, my performance was anything but beautiful.  Aimed for 7 miles at a slow 8:30 pace.  Held it for about 1.5 miles then gradually slowed further.  Quit after 3 miles in 26:27 (8:49 pace).

 I've heard this advice more times than I can count: Just slow your training paces and you'll be able to do more miles.  I DID THAT TODAY!  I still couldn't hack it.  Sorry, it's a nice theory but it just doesn't work for me in practice.  Splits were 8:34-8:46-9:07 and by Mile 3, I was running nearly all out.  Since I was marginally better than yesterday, I will stick with the 2 Lithium pills in divided doses with B-12. I did add a bit of Mag glycinate to my usual malate last night and an extra dose later on seemed to confirm that it did hurt me.  Sticking to malate but I did want to test that theory.

Weekly distance= 27.0 (highest of the year)
I will aim for 35 next week.

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