Monday, February 29, 2016

Training 2/29-3/6

2/29- Another up and down day.  Woke up to go to the bathroom around 3:30 AM and felt pretty decent.  By 6:00 however, I badly needed Lithium so I took a pill and headed to Gold's.

AM- 2 mile quickie in a solid 13:40 (6:50 pace).  Don't think I could have held that pace for another mile but this certainly would have been within the 5% range.  Only difference from yesterday was cutting out the Mag glycinate.

PM- Had an afternoon low around 2:00 and felt no better after popping my 2nd dose of Lithium.  In fact, I was much worse.  Could not run at all this evening.  Actually, I did try at Lakeshore and quit after 1 Mile in 9:06, which is only 30 seconds faster than Comrades pace.
Distance= 3.0

I am sending in my hair sample tomorrow but will probably not get the results until near the end of March.  If the Lithium is not up to snuff and I can't tolerate it or ATP, I'm afraid that I am doomed.

3/1- Unplanned rest day.  Took the Lithium in the morning and was so bad that I had to leave work early after doing little-nothing.  I was fighting just to stay awake but to my credit, I did not turn to caffeine.  Got home around noon and slept for most of the afternoon.  Cut off my hair sample, which is good because I need a haircut.  I'm done with Lithium until further notice.  I can still tolerate B-12.  Stay tuned for a more detailed post.

3/2- AM- Attempted to run with the group and got dropped just a half mile in.  Ended up with 2 miles in 18:04 (9:02 pace) with splits of 8:25-9:39.  OUCH!

PM- Perhaps another faint glimmer of hope.  I was not productive at work but at least I made it through the day.  Legs were just about as sore as if I finished a half mary when I hit Gold's for a better with or without test (ugh)
1 Mile with no extra B12- 9:20, barely held Comrades pace at the end.
1 Mile with 1 extra B12- 8:00 (MINUS 80).  Even pace
1 Mile with 2 extra B12- 7:10 (MINUS 50).  A little bit of kick left.
  The fact that I benefited from extra B-12 suggests that my Lithium is up to snuff.  I'll explain later.  Tomorrow, I will try just a trace of it in the evening and expect a swift negative response, which should clear by the morning.

3/3- 4 miles in 29:54 (7:29 pace).  Was shooting for 5 but was still pleased to go beyond my usual 3.  Loaded on B-12 and actually lost count of how many I took.  In theory, I should be able to take as much as I need if Lithium is up to snuff but I may have triggered a bit of a detox reaction.  Urine smells strongly of sulfur but I often felt a little better afterwards.  As for the workout, I felt almost normal in the 1st mile but faded thereafter.  Splits were 7:00-7:18-7:42-7:54 and had to rally at the end to secure the sub-30.  Still cannot tolerate ANY Lithium pills.

3/4- Cut my B-12 down to 8 pills, which probably split the difference between 3/2 and 3/3.  5 miles in 35:54 (7:11 pace).  Best time of the year and a sizable improvement over yesterday.  Still struggled on the back half (17:30-18:24) but I held the pace better than yesterday. I actually have a chance for my first successful long run tomorrow.

3/5- Fifth time this year that I showed up at a group run and the fifth time that I hit the wall early.  Felt decent for the first mile and one person actually commented that I was looking good.  Then it suddenly cut off around 1.5 miles in.  Called it a day after 2.5 miles in 22:05 (8:50 pace) with the last half mile at over 10 minute pace.  Fortunately, there is an explanation.  I took mega B-12 in the morning when I should have taken divided doses.  Still, I should not have been THIS bad.  With the warm up, this goes in the books as 3 miles.  Need 10 tomorrow just to hit 30.

3/6- FAILED again.  Attempt was at Vestavia's track today so I could bail without the walk of shame.  Called it quits after 3 miles in 23:42 (7:54 pace) and was pretty well spent.  Splits were 7:43-7:55-8:04.  I did stop to pop a B-12 after each mile and this time, I don't think it had much of an impact.  It may have actually prevented a worse fade at the end.  Upon further review, the mega B-12 was NOT the culprit yesterday.  ADHS was because it contains a trace of Lithium.  There you have it.  Less than 7 days ago, I needed Lithium to function.  Now, I cannot function with it!  Nothing surprises me anymore.  I took an extra pill when I got home and got CONSIDERABLY WORSE immediately thereafter.

Looking ahead to next week:
ADHS will be cut out for sure and All in One may be temporarily out as well.
I want to try the Thym-Adren again with and without the B-12.  I ought to know in just 1 day.
Finished with 23 miles on the week.

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