Saturday, February 6, 2016

Training 2/6-2/14

Over the past 2 weeks, I have alternated between heavy dose Lithium with little B-12 and heavy dose B-12 with little Lithium but never reached equilibrium.  From now until I send in my hair test sample at the end of the month, I am going with 1 of each and sticking with it.  I will allow for small adjustments but nothing big.  Let's hope that I can continue taking at least a low dose of both of them.  If it doesn't work out by then, I'm taking a break indefinitely.

The early weather forecast looks pretty good for Dallas next weekend so I'll probably end up going.  The plan is to leave Friday and return on Monday but I do have the option to stay another day if I choose.  Things to do include the Ft. Worth stockyards. White Rock Lake, Bush-43's library and a bus tour of Dallas.  This will be the 4th time that I have visited Texas and have been to Austin, San Antonio, Texarkana and Galveston.

2/6- Went with 1 Lithium pill and 1 B-12 for the first time.  I'm probably high on Lithium and low on B-12 and it will take a couple days for it to even out.  Extra B-12 probably would have helped today but not tomorrow. Still, I resolved to finish 3 miles no matter how ugly it got.  Hell, if it took 30+ minutes, I was going to finish it.  In the end, I started out near 8 minute pace, quickly faded to the 9 minute range but was able to hold it there give or take a few seconds.  My time at the finish was an ugly 26:38 (8:53 pace).  I can hope and expect to do a little better tomorrow.

PM- Began feeling better in the afternoon and it showed in the run.  Same 3 mile distance this time in 23:52 (7:57 pace) MINUS 56/mile in just 5 hours with no additional effort.  This time, I started at 8:00ish pace, held it, then rallied in Mile 3. Sadly, improvements will not come so easily hereafter.  I need to get down to 20:15 (6:45 pace) before I will feel confident.

2/7- Gold's 5 in 37:43 (7:33 pace).  Just the 2nd time that I've gone beyond 3 miles this year and this is my best time of the year.  Passed the 3 mile mark @7:24 pace (MINUS 33).  The last 2 miles were TOUGH but I managed to hang on for a pair of 7:45s.  A 10K would likely be in the 48-minute range now.  I didn't have much left in the tank but I've got to be pleased with the improvement.  I'm cheating on the sugar restrictions today because it's Super Bowl Sunday.  I won't be upset if I take a step backward tomorrow.

2/8- Gold's 3 in 21:57 (7:19 pace), which is a MINUS 5 from yesterday.  Mixed feelings about this one.  I was very comfortable early and had planned on 5 miles but the pace began falling off early in Mile 3.  At 2.5 miles, I knew that I would not beat yesterday's time so I decided to salvage it with a hard last half mile and a sub-22 overall.

The cheating may have hurt me a bit but the sensitivity to B-12 is a killer.  1 pill wasn't enough but 2 were too many.  Here we go again!  This time I have reason to hope because assuming my Lithium is up to snuff, the more B-12 I can handle, the sooner I get the sulfates out!  Do I take 1.5 pills for the time being or do I take 2 pills in divided doses?  I'll find out within 2-3 days.

2/9- Went back to 1 B-12 pill and it did not go well.  Slipped to 25:24 for 3 miles (8:28 pace).  Pace was pretty even but I had no power and could not pick up the pace no matter what I did.
Took a 2nd B-12 and it appears to have pushed me into over-stimulation.
It will be 1.5 B-12.  Perhaps, 2 Lithium and 3 B-12 could work but I'm not trying anything new until at least next week.

2/10- Went with 1.5 B-12 pills and performed pretty well today.  Finished 5 miles in 36:40 (7:20 pace) MINUS 13.  Pace never slipped below 7:30 and the splits were 18:15-18:25.  If I had taken a half pill more, I would have faded in Mile 3 and had to quit.  If I had taken a half pill fewer, I may have been able to go 5 but the pace would have been a full minute slower at least.  Is 1.5 B-12 my limit or do I need a 2/3 ratio of Lithium/B-12?  I'll find out next week.

2/11- Decided to try the 2/3 ratio today and it did NOT work.  Tried glutathione and it did knock out some of the sensitivity but it was no miracle.  Ventured outside to run on Lakeshore on a beautiful evening. Heavy and sluggish all the way and the pace fell off badly after Mile 1.  Turned around after 2 but the back half was not as ugly as feared.  Finished 4 miles in 31:28 (7:52 pace).  Splits were 15:15-16:13.  Perhaps glutathione helps with B12 tolerance but not Lithium.  I'll find out that next week.  In any event, I must be cautious because it does contain sulfur.

I am going to Dallas for the weekend and probably won't run much.  Need to clear my head.

2/14- 3 miles in 25:58 at White Rock Lake.  Paid the price for cheating.


Jeannie Sweeney said...

Hey Justin, just curious.... How is your Potassium?

Crazy J said...

Thanks for the comment. On my last hair test, it was right where it should be. Close to the 50th percentile. The adrenal modulator that I take likely keeps it in line. I cannot take potassium supps for some reason.