Monday, November 14, 2016

Training 11/14-11/20

11/14- AM.  Spain Park Mile in 6:54 (3:30-3:24).  MASSIVE improvement over yesterday thanks to cutting out the D.

PM- Took some Cal and was noticeable worse.  Same old tired Gold's 3 in 24:58 (8:19 pace) and had to rally to get under 25.  I'm sticking with the Cal because eventually I will need it again but the dose will be no more than 500 mg.

11/15- 5 miles at Gold's in 40:45 (8:09 pace).  Decent improvement over yesterday.  Though the pace was just 10 seconds faster, I lasted 2 more miles and had something left at the end.  Yesterday, I was spent after 3.  I've said it a million times.  I'm fine with a slow climb out of this hole.  If I can avoid a relapse, I'll be competitive soon.

11/16- Gold's 5 in 37:57 (7:35 pace).  MINUS 34.  That's a huge improvement over yesterday and actually managed a slight negative split (19:02-18:55).  Still, my reaction is SO WHAT?  If you're a longtime reader, you know I've seen similar improvements from day to day.  I'm not celebrating anything until I am under 35 and can do it consistently.

11/17- Lakeshore 4 miler in 28:32 (7:08 pace).  Nice job.  I started strong and finished strong but even the middle 2 miles were in the 7:15 range.  I cut it a mile short because my hips have been aching all day long.  Not sure what the source of it is but it didn't hurt me in my workout tonight.  I believe I could have broken 36 or at least come close in a full 5 so I'm within striking distance of the goal.  Again, no celebrations until I can do it CONSISTENTLY!  Tacked on a half mile cool.

11/18- Step backward but not a relapse.  Gold's 3 in 23:51 (7:57 pace).  Took off at 7:15 for the first half mile then it was downhill from there.  I did manage to hold it in the 8:10 range over the last 2 miles and I did not need a rally at the end.  Tacked on a half mile cool.  I wasn't sure if Whole Food C was making a difference but after 1 day off it, I know I need it.

11/19- DISAPPOINTMENT!  I overshot the dose on Whole Food C.  It appears that the optimal dose is either 250 or 500mg (1 or 2 pills) or possibly 1.5 (oh goody, cut them in half).  I took 3 this morning and had nothing.  I HATE THESE NARROW WINDOWS!!  Just 1 mile at Spain Park in 7:51 (3:48/4:03).  Granted, it was very windy but even in calm conditions, I would not have been much better than 7:40.
 Afterwards, Vitamin D only made it worse but other sulfur containing pills such as Curcumin and Apple Cider Vinegar did not seem to hurt me.  I thought about jumping in the Magic City half tomorrow but that looks highly unlikely barring a miracle turnaround tomorrow.

PM- Added another junk mile at garbage pace.  Almost certainly out for Magic City tomorrow but I didn't sign up anyway.

11/20- Unplanned rest day.  Did not even try.  Cut it down to 500 mg. of Whole Food C and it still didn't work.  Just a trace of D made it worse.  I may try Cod Liver Oil or another brand of Whole Food C.  Not looking good.

PM- Did 1 junk mile on Wisteria and it sucked as expected.  I will likely go completely off the C rather than try a small dose tomorrow.

-25 miles on the week.  1,183 on the year.

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