Monday, November 21, 2016

Training 11/21-11/27

11/21- No doubt now that Whole Food C was another false hope.
AM- 2 miles in 16:44 (8:22 pace) with even splits then got significantly worse after just a trace of C.
PM- Got some clearance and a modest improvement.  Rallied from 10 seconds down to come in under the Mendoza line.  3 miles in 23:52 (7:57 pace).  Not many options left.

11/22- Another trial and error at Gold's with Vitamin C:
0 pills- 8:06 Mile
1 pill- 7:12 Mile
2 pills- Over 9:00
I still need Vitamin C.  How much?  Will it ever stabilize?  If it does, something else will flare up?

11/23- Pathetic 9:40 mile at Gold's then left for home.

11/24- Down to 250 mg of Whole Food C and it appeared to be a good call.  Peter's 3 miler in 22:37 (7:32 pace).  Faded a bit in Mile 3 but was still under 7:45 pace at the end.  A small glass of OJ made me feel slightly worse so if I am to adjust it, the dose will be lowered.
-Considering another Liver flush but will likely wait until the ferritin is re-tested in 3 weeks.

11/25- Peter's 2 in 17-flat (8:30 pace).  In a sudden reversal, I need to RAISE not lower my Vitamin C dose.  That could be good news in the long run.  Took a little over half a pill as planned and was awful in the opening mile (9:15) but improved to 7:45 after popping just 1 more C pill.  This same dosage would have been a disaster just 1 day ago.  Nothing surprises me anymore.
Distance=2.0.  YTD: 1,197.  One more session should get me back into the 1200 mile club.

11/26- Peter's 3 in a moving time of 22:53 (7:38 pace).  My need for Vitamin C continues to increase.  Today, it was apparent even before I started that 2 pills would not be enough so I started with 3 and ran the first half in 11:44 then popped a 4th pill an improved to 11:09 on the back half.  That's a pace of 7:50 without vs 7:26 with the extra C.  That is significant but not a night and day difference.  I have hit 1200 miles on the year, which is more than I did all of last year.  I'd like to finish at 1350.

11/27- Went with 4 Whole Food C pills and finished 5 miles in 38:35 (7:43 pace).  Not too bad.  Still low energy.  Drank a smoothie loaded with C and felt no real difference one way or another.  Not sure if loading will have much impact.  It will just take time.  Again, Vitamin C was the only thing that was significantly out of range on my OAT test.

Distance= 22.0.  YTD= 1205.

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