Monday, November 7, 2016

Training 11/7-11/13

11/7- Went aggressive with the Vitamin D dose.  Got the expected result based on my research.  Legs were heavy and sore but my pulmonary function seemed to improve, which suggests better sulfate metabolism.  That's the reason for taking the D.   Did 3 miles at Gold's in 22:40 (7:33 pace) with very even splits.  Tacked on another mile as a cool down after popping another pill and was noticeably worse.  Tomorrow, I will cut the dose back from 4 pills to 3 and hope that I will eventually be able to cut it out entirely.
Other news:
I have ordered the probiotic supplement and I predict it will be helpful but not a game changer.  Vitamin D test will be done on Friday.  Listed as doubtful for the Magic City half on 11/20.

11/8- Gold's 3 in 23:29 (7:50 pace).  A step backward.  The Vitamin D is trending down.  I will stay on 3 for 1 more day.  Similar feel to yesterday.  Lungs were fine.  Legs were heavy and sore.

11/9- Naked 2 mile at Veteran's Park,  It is clear that Vitamin D needs to be cut.  Down to 2 pills tomorrow.  That's a positive development.

11/10- Cut it down to 2 pills and it was still too much.  It was a bad call to load on that stuff.  I should have been content with gradual gains from a low dose.  I'm going down to 1 pill tomorrow.  Gold's 3 in 23:53 (7:58 pace).  Relatively even pace that never went much above 8 but never felt strong.

11/11- Day off work for Veteran's Day so I ran a double.  Cut the D down to 1 pill and it was still too much and interestingly, I got worse on extra Cal.  I've learned that Accutane depletes D and so does Synthroid.  In fact, there is an inverse relationship between thyroid activity and Vitamin D.  Too much D suppresses thyroid function so that makes sense.

AM- Trak Shak 3 in 23:49 (7:56 pace).  Slightly faster than yesterday but felt no better overall if not worse.  I started off pretty well today but my legs went dead after a 7:33 opening mile and had to fight just to stay below the Mendoza line.

PM- Picked up a less potent D at the health food store and as expected, I got slightly worse after taking another small dose. Another 3 this time at Gold's in 25-flat (8:20 pace).  Tomorrow, I'm going with the less potent D, which is only 1000 IU vs 5000 of the old stuff.  I'll start at 3000 tomorrow.

11/12-Reduced the D as planned but it was still too much.  It appears that I am heading towards complete intolerance.  Morley, if you're reading this, I'm likely going off D completely or merely taking it once a week for maintenance.  Did not even try to do the group run today.  Instead, it was more interval testing at Gold's (ugh)

In Mile 1, I felt about the same as yesterday.  Came through in 7:46 and was likely headed towards another Mendoza level performance.  The moment of truth came later.
Mile 2, took some of the new probiotics and as I predicted, I felt marginal benefit but it seems unlikely to be a game changer.  Improved to 7:31 (MINUS 15).
Mile 3 was where it got interesting.  Took some taurine (sulfur containing) and was merely hoping to survive the next mile.  As recently as a few months ago, a small dose was an instant disaster.  Today, I actually got slightly better with a 7:21 (MINUS 10).  That means there is a very good chance that the sulfate metabolism problems have been solved.  If so, that is EXCELLENT NEWS!  Still, with the CBS mutation, I had best not mess with the taurine.

I decided not to test my D levels at the lab until my dosage stabilizes.  Instead, it will be tested with the ferritin after Thanksgiving.  Vitamin C as ascorbic acid remains a NO and I'm okay with that.

11/13- Another interesting day.  It was immediately clear that Vitamin D need to be eliminated NOW.  Dose was cut in half and did only 1 mile on Lakeshore in a pathetic 9:21 then got home and popped a Whole Food C.  This same pill caused instant disaster just 2 weeks ago.  Today, I not only tolerated it but actually got better.  Did another mile on Wisteria and improved to 8:43 (MINUS 38).  This tells me that while D most definitely caused damage to my thyroid and possibly my copper metabolism, the sulfate metabolism problems COULD BE GONE.  If so, that would be YUGE!  Not celebrating yet because it could come back with a vengeance when I stop the D.

Weekly summary:
It is entirely possible that the problems with iron, sufate, methylation and sensitivity are all under control.  I COULD BE IN THE CLEAR when the excess D is out of my system.  YUGE!
Distance= 23.0.   YTD: 1,158 miles.

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