Monday, November 28, 2016

Training 11/28-12/4

11/28- BAD!  Took extra whole food C last night but none this morning and it cost me.
2 miles in 16:58 in the morning.  Only 1 mile in 8:55 in the evening.  One piece of good news is the ADHS (adrenal modulator) had no real effect at all.  My pace was almost exactly the same without it as with it.  We'll see tomorrow.

11/29- Unplanned rest day.  Felt like death all day but did make an important discovery.  The B-6 and Vitamin C cannot be taken together.  It's possible that I can take one at low dose in the morning and the other in the evening but for now, I'm better off not messing with it.  One or the other and I'm going with the C

11/30- Another unplanned rest day.  If I did run, it would be 9 minute pace or worse for less than 3 miles.  All B-vitamins must be cut if I a to take C.  It's either one or the other.  Of course, I could try to reduce the dose of C while staying on the Bs.  For now, I'm going with the C because the test showed it was my most pressing need.

12/1- AM- Came through 1 Mile in 8:24 fading then popped a B12 and was immediately worse.  Slipped to the 9:15 range then quit after 1.5 miles.  No excuses tomorrow.  I'm going all in with the Whole Food C.

PM- 1.5 miles in 13:46 (9:11 pace).  No improvement over the morning session.  No more excuses tomorrow.  Due for the next round of testing in 2 weeks.

12/2- Woke up feeling like death but did get noticeably better after taking the Vitamin C.  Finished with 2 miles in 16:48 (8:24 pace).  That's enough improvement to stay on the current track.

12/3- Least favorite workout:  Trial and error at Gold's.  It appears that winter has arrived here with temps in the 40s- low 50s and rain in the forecast.
0 Vitamin C- 1 Mile in 9:24
500 mg of Whole Food C-8:32 (MINUS 52) with splits of 4:25-4:07.
500 mg of Ascorbic Acid- 7:13 (MINUS 79) with splits of 3:38-3:35.
While the ADHS (adrenal support) doesn't hurt me, it has become almost completely ineffective.  It's quite possible that I was deficient in C all along but the fast oxidation compensated for it.  Do I go with Whole Food C or the synthetic ascorbic acid?  Despite the greater effects from the latter, I'm going with the Whole Food C because it does not raise Iron or deplete ceruloplasmin.  Also, it appears that the Whole Food form takes longer to kick in as evidenced by the strong negative split.  If I had taken the ascorbic acid first followed by the Whole Food, the bulk of the improvement would come first but I still would have seen a significant improvement after the Whole Food dose.  In any event, I'm going with this until it stops working.

PM- 4 miles in 31:38 (7:55 pace).  Not half bad.  I beat the Mendoza line then tacked on another mile.  Relatively even pace (15:46-15:52).  MAYBE this is the key.

12/4-  Opened with all Whole Food C.  I was better than I would have been without it but somewhat disappointing.  On a full 2000 mg, I managed only 15:52 for 2 miles.   If I had done the same workout as the afternoon session yesterday, it would have been mid-32 so that's slightly worse. Then, I took the synthetic ascorbic acid and improved to 15:20 (MINUS 16/mile) despite tired legs.  A 2nd ascorbic acid pill led to a 7:14 mile.  Overall time was 38:26 for 5 miles (7:41 pace).
I'm going with ascorbic acid at least temporarily.  I'll need to take Curcumin every day to guard against Iron overload.  The next round of tests will be within about 10 days.

Distance=20 miles on the week

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