Monday, May 15, 2017

Training 5/15-5/21

5/15- AM- Gold's 3 in 26:45 (8:55 pace).  Odds are that both IP-6 and Liver Beef are NO NOs.  I'll confirm it at the end of the week.  I'll probably react badly to micro doses.  That means I am out of conservative options for clearing Ferritin.  It's got to be a Liver flush, blood donation or do nothing.  If I am stable and running respectable times, I will go with option 3.  I was nearly there based on my Coke 10K performance.

PM- Out and back 3 miler on Jemison.  Improved to 24:36 (8:12 pace) and dipped below 8 in Mile 3.  It appears that the Ultimate B is still okay even though it does contain a small amount of IP-6.  IP-6 most likely will not be tolerated as a stand alone.  As for the Ferritin, I cannot risk anything too radical before the epic road trip though I have read that sugar raises Ferritin.  Even the non-caffeinated drinks such as Sprite and Lemonade must be avoided. Stick to water.   If I am better with the sugar restrictions, will Ferritin at least begin to come down?  At least below 150?  Right now, that's my best option.  If it's still bad about a month from now, I must go radical.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=6.0

5/16- AM- Gold's 5 in 38:34 (7:43 pace).  Solid performance. Found a good rhythm at 7:40 early. Slowed just a tad at the end but still maintained it in the 7:45 range (19:09/19:25).  I know the pattern of steady improvement then you know what.  Another relapse could break me forever.

PM- Feel like I'm back to where I was at the end of last week.  A 7:30 pace felt fairly comfortable even in 90 degree weather but could not pick it up.  The power just isn't there.  Brookwood/Lakeshore 3.5 miler in 27:52 (7:28 pace) plus a half mile cool.  I'll take it.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=9.0

5/17- Took a sip of Apple Cider Vinegar last night.  STUPID!  I might try some low dose Niacin for methylation but after that, I am officially out of conservative options.  The sugar restrictions start tomorrow. Skipped the Trak Shak workout and settled for a 1 mile junk run on Wisteria.  I'll count this as my rest day.  Dumped the rest of the ACV and pitched the Liver Beef.  I'm not sure if B-6 is needed as a stand alone but I'll finish the bottle.

 In about a month, I'll do a liver flush then test out Curcumin.  If it's effective, that means the stored Iron flushed out.  However, I expect an immediate negative reaction, which guarantees that the Liver flush did not work.  In the past, it dumped copper but not Iron.  At least I'll know in a few days.  Either way, the Ferritin will be re-tested.  If it's still over 150, I must go through with blood donation.  Under 100, I'll leave it alone.  In between those numbers?  It will depend on how I feel.

5/18- I was completely sugar free today and it was no sudden miracle.  Did 4 miles at Gold's in a time of 33:41 (8:25 pace).  Weak effort.  Splits were 16:08/17:33 so that's ugly.  Apple Cider Vinegar still hasn't cleared most likely.  I took JUST ONE SIP!  Ordered low dose Niacin, which is my LAST conservative option.
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=4.0

5/19- AM-DISASTER. 1 mile at Gold's in a time over 10 minutes.  Unable to find the culprit back home.  Temporary detox reaction? I hope so.

PM- 2 miles in 17:54 (8:57 pace).  There is a chance this is a detox reaction.  I've made it over 50 hours without sugar.  We'll see tomorrow but I'll take any improvement.  Probably will not attempt a group run.
Grade:F+/1 credit/distance=3.0

5/20- This feels like a detox reaction.  Slept 10+ hours and dreamed about having to give a fraudulent report about something to Congress.  I don't remember what it was about.  There was also a car crash involved.  It was way too hot to run outside with any kind of effort.  It's starting to feel like summer now.  90 degree temps with dew points pushing 70.  Still, the early mornings and evenings remain pleasant.  Workout was 4 miles at Gold's in a time of 32:48 (8:12 pace) with even splits.  MINUS 45 over double the distance but I know the pattern.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=4.0

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit.  As of noon today, I've made it 3 days without sugar.  I may have to drink a little Gatorade if I go long tomorrow but that doesn't count.  Low dose Niacin should arrive early next week but I don't expect it to be a game changer.  Abstinence from sugar can only help long-term but will it significantly lower my Ferritin?  I don't know.  I'm leaning heavily towards going through with blood donation.

5/21- Day 4 and another step backward.  Lakeshore 3 in 28:54 (9:38 pace).  1st half was 12:35 but I saw the collapse coming and turned around and finished in 16:19.  My best guess is a temporary spike in adrenal activity.  Extra ADHS did help but Curcumin and IP-6 remain NOs.  It seems unlikely that Iron is spilling into the blood or tissues.

PM- Another 3 miler this time at Gold's.  Came through Mile 1 working hard for an 8:55 split then popped 3 extra ADHS and improved to 16:58 (8:29 pace) over the last 2 miles for an overall time of 25:53.  Hardly a sudden miracle but the explanation of an adrenal spike is plausible.  It should be only temporary and I ought to be better tomorrow.
Grade:F+/2 credits/distance=3.0

Weekly summary:
In the past, I would drown my sorrows with a Red Bull after a day like Sunday but I am determined to see this through for better or worse.  I may drink a couple beers when in Calgary on Day 19ish but one slip up should not hurt at that point.  When I get back home, it's time to go radical.  I said earlier that I'd get a resolution one way or the other by Spring.  That didn't happen but I do expect it by early Fall for sure.  If I am not feeling better after 2 blood donations and my numbers don't look much better, that is the end of the line.
Distance=33.0.  GPA= 11.9/8= 1.49
YTD: 605 miles.  3-16 with a 1.98 GPA

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