Monday, May 1, 2017

Training 5/1-5/7 (possible race)

The race option is the Coca-Cola 10K in Corinth, Miss'Sippy on Saturday.  I want a decent time on the board at that distance since turning 35.

5/1- AM- Felt decent early but it got real ugly late.  Finished with 3 miles in 24:57 (8:19 pace) with a last mile just south of 9.  Extra Ultimate B made me feel slightly worse when I got home.  It's probably the NADH as the one ingredient that's bad.  I do think I can tolerate it as an ingredient in due time but never again as a stand alone.  I will cut the dose to 1 pill and take it in the evening.  If I cannot take it, that could once again be the end of the line. With it, the B-12 as a stand alone will be both necessary and well tolerated.  Without it, the B-12 is still necessary but the intolerance to it will kick in with a VENGEANCE! The only other option is other B-vitamins as a stand alone.

PM- Slightly better.  This time, I never did feel strong but did a lot better in holding the pace.  Another 3 miles in 23:33 (7:51 pace).  MINUS 28.  Splits were nearly dead even but this was just about as fast as I could go.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=6.0

5/2- 4 miles on Lakeshore on a picture perfect day.  80 degrees with low humidity and barely a cloud in the sky.  Put out tempo effort and finished in 29:07 (7:17 pace) plus a half mile cool.  MINUS 34 over an extra mile.  Even pace but not much kick left.  This would bring me home in a low-45 for 10K.  Further improvements are possible between now and Saturday so I'm leaning towards doing it.  Took no Ultimate B this morning but could still be reeling from yesterday's 4 pills.  From now on, it's 1 only in the evening.
Grade:B+/2 credit/distance=4.5

5/3- AM- 3 mile tempo at Gold's in 20:35 (6:52 pace).  I believe this is my best time of the year at this distance.  Just like yesterday, I ran even splits but was pretty much wide open at the end and could not pick up the pace.  Still, this was better than yesterday.  Figure with an extra mile, add 10 seconds so that's still a MINUS 15.  I'll plan on doing the 10K barring a relapse but I'll keep the expectations low.  I'll shoot for around 46 on a rolling course (7:25 ish pace)

PM- Trak Shak 7.5 loop in 59:40 (7:57 pace).  Felt free and easy for the first 5 but struggled in the last third, which is understandable especially on this route.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  If my body demands an extra rest day, I will obey.  Still planning on racing on Saturday.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=10.5

5/4- Gold's 3 in 22:15 (7:25 pace) then stepped on the gas and clocked an 84 quarter mile (5:36 pace) despite the tight turns.  I have no doubt that I can hold this pace for 6.2, which would bring me home just north of 46-flat.  I think I can get into the 45s but breaking it will be tough.  Added a 6 lap cool.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=4.0

5/5- Planned rest day

5/6- Coca-Cola 10K in 45:40 (7:20 pace).  Just about what I expected to do.
Grade:B+/3 credit/distance=7.0

5/7- 3 mile recovery jog at Gold's.  Who cares about the time?  It was apparent that the 2nd dose of taurine yesterday after the race was a bad call and it may have cost me a bit on the course.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=3.0

Weekly summary:
Win #3 on the year.  Solid but unspectacular most of the week but I'll take it.
Distance=35.0/ GPA= 3.09
YTD: 542 miles.  Record: 3-14 with a 2.00

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