Monday, May 29, 2017

Training 5/29-6/4 (race week)

5/29- Scheduled long run was an abject failure.  I knew it before I started so I just did a naked Mile on Wisteria and called it a day.  My grandfather died last week.  Did this have anything to do with the the funeral over the weekend?  NO!  While I'm certainly sad that it happened, the same was true last week and I still performed.  As always, the pills are to blame.  The culprit this time is B-6.  That's right.  I needed it as a stand alone yesterday but too much is a problem. I felt MUCH WORSE IMMEDIATELY after an extra dose of that stuff.  NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

As I've repeated, a chemical imbalance exists independent of external circumstances (good or bad).  Now, the question is will the B-6 dose stabilize at a lower dose or continue to trend down?  As always, this type of thing happens on race week.  I've read some evidence that it is related to copper and iron dysregulation.  Could blood donation fix the sensitivity?  I'm staying with the sugar restrictions.  This is Day 12.

PM- 2 miles at Vestavia track in 17:16 (8:38 pace).  Felt slightly better by the afternoon but just a trace of B-6 triggered a reaction later in the evening.  I will attempt to cut that stuff out for good.  Off it tomorrow then just a trace on Wednesday.  A negative reaction will confirm it.  I guess it's good news that my cabinet is clearing out.  I've pitched the B-2 and PABA stand alone supps already.  Those are no longer needed because of the success of Ultimate B-complex.  The Lithium and glucosamine will be gone before I leave on 6/1 and now the B-6 is a candidate for the trash.  The SOD, Niacin, All In One and Bee Pollen are all non-factors so I'll finish the bottles but will not re-order.  It's a minor consideration but saving money on supps no longer needed will add up.
Grade:D-/1 credit/distance=3.0

5/30- Just about as expected after a collapse.  3 miles at Gold's in 24:45 (8:15 pace) with a negative split (12:31- 12:14).  It's looking like B6 is a NO but that will be confirmed tomorrow evening.

PM- Continuing to follow the usual pattern.  5 miles in 39:45 (7:57 pace).  Slowed just a bit on the back half (19:42-20:03) but I had the sub-40 all the way.  Tomorrow, I plan to get up early, show more improvement then expect to be triggered by just a trace of B-6, which will confirm that it must be stopped.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=8.0

5/31- AM- 3 miles in 22-flat (7:20 pace).  Everything went as expected.  A decent improvement then after the run, just a MICRO dose of B-6 triggered a negative reaction.  I've had this intolerance before and it was due to Ca/K ratio being way off.  This time, I am nearly certain that it is Iron dysregulation.  It's too late to do anything more radical but as predicted, the sugar restrictions (day 14) probably will not be enough.  Even if the liver flush is successful, I will probably go through with blood donation.  If not, it's a definite.

PM- No workout.  After just a trace of B-6 earlier, I doubt I could break 25 over the same distance.
Leaving for Montana tomorrow.  Given all the events of the previous week, I'm not overly excited but I'm sure I will enjoy the trip.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=3.0

6/1- Lakeshore 4 in 31:08 (7:47 pace).  I'll take it.  With 2 days out, I didn't want to push it too hard even though Grand Teton will not be a serious effort.  Helena will be.  B-6 probably hasn't fully cleared but that should be okay in 2 days.  Even pace despite struggling in humid weather conditions.  That most definitely will NOT be a factor in either race.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=4.0

6/2- Planned rest day

6/3- Grand Teton half in 1:45:31.  Not only was this race at 6300 feet elevation.  It was also 200 feet net uphill with virtually all of the climb in the last 5 miles.  I think this is worth a sub-1:40 at sea level on a flat course.
Grade:A-/3 credit/distance=14.0

Weekly summary:
I am going to be very lenient and take a mulligan on Monday's disaster.  I deserve a win after my performance on race day.
Distance=32.0/ GPA= 22.1/7= 3.16
YTD= 672 miles.  5-16 with a 2.08 GPA

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