Monday, July 3, 2017

Training 7/3-7/9

7/3- Went in for blood work this morning and will probably get the results on Wednesday.  I've already ordered Liver Beef but it may not come until the end of the week.  It's not available in stores here.  No sign of improvement so I am taking the day off.  Wish I was still on the coast.

7/4- Slept in today.  Hit Vestavia track for some testing around 9 AM.  Did an 800 in 4:39 (9:18 pace) with the previous formula.  Popped 1 Whole Food C and improved to 4:13 (8:26 pace).  MINUS 52. This is further evidence that my serum Iron is too low.  If the Ferritin remains very high, I could be in deep trouble.  Complications from the blood donation is the likely culprit.  I will probably find out tomorrow.  Results will be listed in a separate post.

PM- 3 miles at Gold's in 25:46 (8:35 pace) after another dose of Whole Food C.  BAAAUHD!  On the bright side, I did not collapse after the first half.  1st half was 12:50, 2nd half was 12:56.  Whole Food C is not a night and day difference but at least it picks me up enough to jog.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=4.0

7/5- Improved to 24:09 for 3 miles (8:03 pace).  Probably could have broken the Mendoza line today but didn't want it badly enough. Very even pace.  Results came back today.  Both serum Iron and Ferrittin went down but not nearly as much as I hoped or expected.  It will take a few days to digest it.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance- 3.0

7/6- 5 miles in 39:40 (7:56 pace).  Pleased that I broke 40 but faded at the end.  1st half- 19:20, 2nd half-20:20.  Passed 3 miles @ 7:48 so that's a solid MINUS 15 over yesterday.  Liver should arrive tomorrow.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

7/7- 3x1 mile intervals at Gold's.
Mile 1- 7:55 on the base formula
Mile 2- 7:31 on Liver Beef (MINUS 24)
Mile 3- 7:26 on Glutathione (MINUS 5) not significant.
In the past, Liver Beef was not tolerated at all without glutathione.  Towards the end of it, even glutathione didn't help me tolerate it.  Now- So far so good on the Liver Beef but that could change quickly.  In 2-3 weeks, Liver Beef could be necessary, a non-factor or a HELL NO.  I really can't predict what will happen.  2-3 months from now?  The answer could change yet again.  The glutathione may have given me a small boost but it was not enough to be considered significant.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=3.0

7/8- BTC Long run FAIL.  1 mile in 10:55 and the culprit was Liver Beef.  Is it okay to take that stuff once a week or is it a HELL NO?  I'll find out next weekend.  I know what's going to happen tomorrow.  It will be 3 miles in 25ish minutes.  I'm going to order the Livatone today.  Glutathione didn't help much if at all.  Livatone won't be a miracle cure but if it helps get Ferritin down, it's worth a shot.  Not sure it will be tolerated because it's got some questionable ingredients.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=1.0

7/9- Better than expected showing.  Lakeshore 2.5 in 19:24 (7:46 pace) plus a half mile cool.  Slept in and had to contend with a bit of heat so that's why it was short.  Starting tomorrow, I will again attempt to drink nothing but water for at least 21 days.  I made it 16 out of 17 last time and feel that it helped but was not a night and day difference.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=3.0

Weekly summary:
This was rough.  Next week could be rough as well with the sugar detox and potential adrenal spike.  We shall see what happens with the Livatone, which should arrive by the end of the week and Liver Beef taken only once a week.
Distance=19.0/GPA= 1.62
YTD: 781 miles.  5-20 with a 2.08 GPA

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