Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Medical report

In short, the news is surprisingly GOOD!  A hair test does not always correlate with how you feel but it is predictive of future health.  This may sound counter-intutive because the hair test reflects an average mineral reading over the previous 3-4 months.  The reason is that symptoms often appear AFTER the imbalances are present.  This one covered late Novermber- mid February.  I cut off almost all my hair before Thanksgiving because I wanted a shorter timeframe on this one.  My previous test had covered late July-mid November.  I had been unable to take any Thym-Adren until September when I started on the Fructosin and did not start on the mega doses until mid-December when I started on the Vitamin C.

Here were the numbers on the previous report vs ideals in parenthesis:
Ca: 24 (40)
Mg: 2 (6)
Na: 123 (25)
K: 25 (10)
Zn: 15 (20)
Cu: 1.4 (2.5)
Al  0.67 -(toxic)

Key ratios:
Ca/Mg- blood sugar- 12.00 (6.67)
Ca/K -thyroid- 0.96 (4.00)
Na/Mg- adrenal- 61.50 (4.17)
Na/K- life/death- 4.88 (2.50)- high is preferable to low.
Zn/Cu- 10.67 (8.0) men should be a bit high.

Latest results:
Ca: 27 (40)
Mg: 2 (6)
Na: 30 (25)
K: 10 (10) perfect
Zn: 14 (20)
Cu: 1.4 (2.5)
Al: 0.80 (toxic)

Ca/Mg- 13.50 (6.67)
Ca/K- 2.70     (4.00)
Na/Mg- 15.00 (4.17)
Na/K- 3.00 (2.50)- very good
Zn/Cu- 10.00- ideal for men.

The thing that sticks out is the rapid improvement in my sodium level, which is strongly associated with adrenal function.  How do I account for that?  First, remember that this is an AVERAGE of the previous 3 months.  When I could not take any pills, I'm sure that it was over 150 in July, which means that at the exact time of the test (late November), it was more like 90 instead of 123 and already trending down.  Then, I went to the mega doses.  Still, it is a shock to me and I mean that in a good way that it came down that much.  Tissue sodium often runs a bit high among athletes so it's near perfect just where it is now!  The ratio of 15.00 versus an ideal of 4.17 is still BAD and will still produce symptoms but it's a massive improvement over 61.50.  For an athlete, my target range is more like 6-8.  Just get the magnesium up to 4 and I'm good.

Adrenal fatigue:
No concern here.  I will not have to take a break from running.  You want to see a Na/K ratio between 2.5-4.0, which indicates "good" function.  I'm right where I should be.  A drop in sodium not accompanied by a drop in potassium would be a concern but potassium is right where it should be.

Blood sugar:
This one is not good.  A Ca/Mg ratio below 3 or above 12 is considered to be trending diabetic and I'm at 13.50.  Magnesium really should be measured in smaller increments.  Suppose my Mg level rose from 1.8 up to 2.2, that would mean that the ratio got better instead of worse.  Why did the Paramin not work for me leading up to Silver Comet?  It exascerbated the already high Ca/Mg ratio.  Need more Mg and to stay disciplined with sugar consumption.  In the past, I was wary of Mg. supplementation because it also raises sodium.  Now, even if the sodium rises from 30 to 50 but I get the magnesium up to 4, I will still be better off.

Again, a nice improvement here.  I'm at 68% of ideal versus only 24% last time.

Toxic metals:
  Aluminum rose a bit but I'm not worried as long as it remains below 1.0.  All others are barely detectable.

New plan:
-stick with low dose vitamin C
-reduce Thym-Adren if I can
-add enough Magnesium such that I am taking a 1:1 ratio of Cal/Mag.

Final thought:
It is likely that the low Mg was a major contributing factor in my slump in February.  If I am as successful raising it as I was in lowering the sodium, I expect to run very well in the near future.


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