Monday, March 18, 2013

Training 3/18-3/24

3/18- Quarter marathon at goal pace.  Finished 6.55 miles in 47:03 (7:11 pace).  That's a 3:08:12 for a full 26.2.  Good job.  Last workout was pretty decent but it just didn't feel "right."  Today did. Added a long cool.  I cut the Thym-Adren from 8 pills down to 6.  Normally, that would be a concern but after the medical report, it was somewhat expected.  I've been cheating on the sugar restrictions lately and that must stop now.  That may have played a role in the reduced dosage.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=7.5

3/19- AM- Spain Park Mile and I had the track to myself.  I tried cutting the Thym-Adren again down to 5 pills, which proved to be too aggressive.  Nevertheless, I scored a new best time of the year with a 5:47.8 effort.  Splits were 83-88-91-85 so not as even as last time but a 5 second positive split is still not bad.  Bottom line is that I was too loose and simply did not "feel right." I'm much more concerned by how I feel than the numbers on the watch.  Just like last week, I warmed up hastily and was not fresh.  Still, an 8 second improvement is nothing to sneeze at and I'm now within 32 ticks of the goal.  I hope to do better this evening with my interval workout.

PM- Fairly low key interval workout.  I don't want to jump into 10x400 right away.  I showed up for Johnny's late and did my own workout.  200-200-400-400-600 then back down.  I was feeling worse in the afternoon today and was forced to take more pills.  I am back up to 8 Thym-Adren.  This time, I am not worried about the instability.  As long as I am clean on the diet and take fructosin every day, I should be stable.  The continued need for mega doses makes me feel a little uneasy.  I'm far from being out of the woods.  It remains to be seen what the magnesium will do to my numbers.  Anyway, the workout was half good and half bad.  I got off to a solid start: 34-33-74-76 then DIED.  600 was a pathetic 2:16 (goal was 2:00).  The back side of the workout was also weak: 84-82-39-34.
Grade:C+/2 credit/distance=5.0

3/20- Clear, cool and windy out there.  Decent workout.  Trak Shak 7.5 loop in 56:09 (7:29 pace).  Strong start.  I was 36:40 at 5 miles then faded to 19:29 over the last 2.5 (7:47 avg).  Legs were sore most of the way but then again, I have been working pretty hard lately.  Feels like the Thym-Adren may have to be cut after all.  Perhaps yesterday was a shock reaction to being off sugar.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=7.5

3/21- First official day of Spring and I hope it's winter's last gasp.  Tempo day today.  Not as strong as last week but still managed 5 miles in a solid 32:50 (6:34 pace).  Faded in Mile 3 and 4 but had a decent kick at the end.  Legs were sore but overall, it was pretty appropriate given the quality of workouts this week.  Took 6 Thym-Adren and it felt "about right."  If I took 8 again, I would have sucked.  I may try to lower it again.  Only 9 days until Rumpshaker and a fast time is looking iffy.  I need a decent weekend to win this week.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=5.5

3/22- Planned rest day.  I'm planning to run with the Gnomes tomorrow.  Looking for 15ish at a slower pace.  We'll see how that goes.

3/23- Postponed my long run due to predicted bad weather and that proved to be a good call.  Indoor 5 instead in 37:22 (7:28 pace).  Nothing special but it gets the job done.  I am facing another shift in my body chemistry and will report later.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.5

3/24- TERRIBLE!  Long run FAIL!  Managed just 3 miles in a time of 23:41 (7:54 pace) with splits of 7:35-7:42-8:23.  Took too much magnesium by accident and paid the price.  Went home and popped some more pills in an attempt to even things out.  I was better but still failed on a tempo attempt.  Run #2 was another 3 miles in 19:40 (6:33 pace) and was cooked after Mile 2. I believe that I would have been over 7:00 pace if I had continued.  Disgusted, I went home for another 3 at junk pace on Wisteria and did not time it.  I get a "D" for determination to reach 40 on the week.
Grade:D/2 credits/distance=9.0

Weekly summary:
The end of an unimpressive 3 week win streak.  I had expected to get hot after breaking the losing streak but it has not happened yet.  I do have the option of taking extra magnesium but since it raises sodium, more Thym-Adren will be required and that means Vitamin C is necessary.  The 1:1 ratio with less Thym-Adren and no C is the more conservative option and and based on what I saw this weekend, it's probably the right call.  I am listed as questionable for Rumpshaker.  A poor performance there after my triumph last year would really be a downer.
Distance= 40.0/ GPA= 23.2/9= 2.46
YTD: 466 miles.  Record: 7-5.  Cum GPA= 33.84/12= 2.82

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